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Reformist Japan farmers urge free trade to spur change
With farmers like Saito outnumbered by those who fear opening up Japan’s farm market, Prime Minister Noda must face down opposition inside his Democratic Party of Japan if he is to tell US President Barack Obama that Tokyo wants to join the talks when they meet at a Nov. 12-13 Asia-Pacific summit in Hawaii.
Japanese farmers protest against possible trade pact
Thousands of Japanese farmers marched through central Tokyo on Wednesday to push the government not to join a regional free trade pact that will likely hit the nation’s small farmers.
SA and the EU trade negotiations - A step closer
In negotiations to forge an economic partnership agreement (EPA), the EU has agreed to improve market access for about 80% of the agricultural products South Africa has asked to be accepted. However, the EU has yet to budge on wine, sugar and starch.
ACP, LDC sugar suppliers deplore EC’s CAP proposals
The ACP and LDC cane sugar suppliers express their profound concern and dismay at the Commission’s proposals in respect of the elimination of sugar quotas in the context of the CAP reform announced on 12 October 2011.
’Buy local’ food policies not at risk in EU deal: Ritz
Canada’s agriculture minister says he’s heard nothing in European free trade talks that would jeopardize policies favouring local food suppliers, but the National Farmers Union says a draft text suggests otherwise.
“Mercosur won’t destroy European agriculture”, says EU business lobby
The head of Business-Europe International Relations said Wednesday that a free trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur “would not destroy European agriculture” in spite of fears from farmers.
EU farm losses from trade deal with Mercosur ‘would range 1 to 3 billion Euros’
European Union farmers could suffer losses ranking from one to three billion Euros if a trade agreement is finally agreed with Mercosur according to a European Commission evaluation paper on the impact.
Developing countries query European bid to abolish sugar quotas
The ACP Sugar Group has recently been made aware through media reports of an “impact study” made by and for the European Commission, reportedly due for release in October 2011. This study refers to proposals for changes in the European sugar regime. It is hoped that this is not accurate as some of the key assumptions and results are more than questionable.
SADC intra-regional trade pathetic
Intra-regional trade is really pathetic within the Southern African Development Community, says United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Senior Regional Agriculture Programme Manager Cecilia Kuphe.
EU pits Alberta beef against Quebec dairy products in Canada trade talks
The European Union may refuse to open its market to more Canadian beef, pork and sweet corn unless Canada provides better access to its heavily protected dairy sector, a senior European diplomat said.
Liberalizing the economy may crush the culture of one small island
Opening up the Korean market to cheap US citrus imports would simply wipe out most of the farm economy on Jeju Island.
S. Korea expands support for farming sectors to cut losses from FTAs
The government will set aside a total of 22.1 trillion won (US$20.5 billion) to help local farmers and fishing households who could get hurt by cheaper foreign products.
NFU opposes EU free trade provisions
The National Farmers Union (NFU) has joined voices with the Council of Canadians to warn Canadians in general and the agricultural community in particular about the dangers/threat of the Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) being forged between Canada and the European Union.
Agriculture agreement with Morocco rejected by the EU
The Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament rejected yesterday the agreement for the liberalization of trade in agricultural and fishery products between Europe and Morocco. The decision must be ratified and voted in the European Parliament.
Free trade pact will grossly impact Indian dairy sector: Dairy players
The Indian dairy sector will be grossly impacted by the Union government’s effort to include milk products within the domain of the proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between India and New Zealand, feels a section of the Indian dairy industry.
FTAs propel coconut exports growth
The Philippine coconut industry is optimistic that coconut exports are bound to grow further in markets where the Philippines has free trade agreements (FTAs) with, the industry association said.
Irish fear big losses on Mercosur beef deal
The EU’s trade chief, Karel De Gucht, has said the European Commission remains supportive of a trade agreement with South America’s Mercosur beef trading states despite Irish opposition to a deal.
Free trade jitters in region
An indigenous group from the Northeast today added steam to the dissent against the European Union-India Free Trade Agreement demanding transparency in the talks which have been held under “secrecy” for the last four years.
Canadian agricultural commodity groups call for immediate resumption of free trade talks with South Korea
A coalition of Canadian agricultural commodity groups is calling on Canada’s premiers and agriculture ministers to express their support the immediate resumption of free trade talks with the Republic of Korea.