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Thailand can be ’gateway for Korea to ASEAN’
Seoul advised to play key role in AEC integration through in-kind contribution.
Expansion of ASEAN services accord pushed
The Philippines will push for the expansion and deepening of the ASEAN services agreement possibly over a 10-year transition period to allow the liberalization of more sectors.
RCEP is more than TPP-lite
RCEP is neither China-led nor a rival to the TPP
EU keen on pursuing trade deal with Asean
A top European Union (EU) diplomat has hinted the possibility of reviving the Free Trade Agreement talks between the EU and Asean that were suspended almost a decade ago.
Time to terminate trade & investment agreements allowing corporations to sue government
The recent investment arbitral decision against the Philippines in favor of the Belgian corporation should be a wake up call on the dangers posed by free trade and investment agreements.
As America retreats, Asia is the last hope for free trade
ASEAN should be driving force behind new RCEP megapact, says Japanese expert
RCEP: More relevant now than ever for Asean
The RCEP’s challenge for Asean is to balance different ambition levels among the negotiating parties.
On partnership anniversary, India-ASEAN vow to strengthen cooperation
On the occasion of 25th anniversary of country’s relationship with 10-nation ASEAN grouping, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has strongly pitched for Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), saying it will further strengthen cooperation and economic integration in the region.
China hopes to work with Philippines to finalise RCEP trade talks
Chinese Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng said China wants to work together with the Philippines to conclude the regional RCEP trade talks
Big countries spoil RCEP conclusion
Bigger countries are potentially derailing the progress of this regional economic agreement being negotiated between the 10 Asean countries and their six FTA partners – Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea.
RCEP as a positive signal for globalisation
The current trade and business environment in East Asia and Pacific require a new set of rules to provide governance in the regional economic interdependence and to facilitate seamless international trade and business activities.
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP): An assessment of the negotiations
Negotiations by 16 Asia-Pacific nations to establish the RCEP - the world’s largest trading bloc - have been proceeding since 2012. Surveying the negotiations, Biswajit Dhar argues that this ASEAN-led initiative can constitute the building block for a truly viable East Asian Community provided the parties break out from the straitjacket of trade liberalisation.
Thailand to take lead in Asean Community
As the Asean Community enters its second year, Thailand, as one of the founding countries of the bloc, is planning to spearhead various economic opportunities to benefit the region.
RCEP to consolidate Asian integration
The RCEP is part of the efforts of Asian countries to explore avenues of collaborative regional governance. It should be seen as the extension of an integrated ASEAN community
Can Russia ride China’s trade lead in Southeast Asia?
Current political unity masks divergent economic interests as Russia attempts to shift its economic interests east to Eurasian and Asian markets.
Southeast Asia advances in talks to dismantle trade barriers
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is making progress on reducing non-tariff barriers as threats to global trade rise,
RCEP talks speed up amid TPP failure
Amid the collapse of the United States-backed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) pact, trade officials from 10 Southeast Asian countries and six key partners started on Tuesday talks on a rival deal with new urgency.
On World AIDS Day, threat to access to medicines looms large
As trade negotiators from 16 countries gather in Indonesia to deliberate the terms of trade agreement — the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement (RCEP), access to low-cost generic medicines is under grave threat.
EU, RI look to negotiate CEPA points
Indonesia will seek a win-win outcome for the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with the European Union, having exchanged views on a number of crucial sticking points ahead of the next round of negotiations in January.
Indonesia proposes ‘ASEAN-Pacific axis’ alternative to TPP and Chinese initiative
Indonesia has proposed the setting up of a new trade bloc that could counterbalance the dominance of the United States and China.