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TPP in trouble: why we can win this fight!
Time is running out for a congressional vote on a completed TPP deal during President Obama’s term of office.
US excludes Canada, Mexico from TPP auto negotiations
Canada and Mexico are joining forces to try and break a major logjam over Japanese autos at the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks while the United States had already cut a deal with Japan
Massive trade deal could come down to two things: Rice and cars
Officials are working feverishly to unsnag a deal with Japan and 10 other Asia-Pacific countries.
Auto sector inclusion in India-EU FTA against ’Make in India’
The proposed India-EU trade liberalisation pact will not benefit domestic automobile firms and runs counter to the government’s flagship programme ’Make in India, auto industry body SIAM has said.
Rules of origin TPP dispute blocking Japan-US auto deal
Rules of origin for automobile parts have emerged as a key stumbling block in Japan-US auto trade talks held as part of efforts to conclude the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, according to informed sources.
German carmakers say yes to TTIP
Top representatives from the German automobile industry met in Berlin to voice their support for TTIP. The controversial deal could save them billions of euros per year.
German workers warn auto bosses not to compromise rights in TTIP
Union representatives at Germany’s largest carmakers including Daimler and Volkswagen warned auto bosses and politicians on Tuesday not to water down labour rights in negotiations for a transatlantic trade deal.
Self-driving cars sink the case for TTIP
The EU’s case for the Transatlantic trade and Investment Partnership is mostly about cars but fails to take into account what the industry will look like ten years from now.
Pakistan sore at Indian auto invasion in Lanka
The Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has urged the Pakistan government to put automobiles and auto parts in the negative list of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Sri Lanka to safeguard Pakistani manufacturers against the entry of cheaper Indian products manufactured in Lanka.
US-Japan trade talks hit new farm exports snag
A Japanese government source said US negotiators staged a "hostage-taking" by suddenly threatening not to lift tariffs on Japanese auto parts unless Tokyo met US demands on agriculture.
EU FTA to kill LCT
An Australian government keen to cement a free trade agreement with Europe will have to ditch the unpopular Luxury Car Tax first, currently bringing in $500 million per year, says an executive from Mercedes-Benz Australia.
Japan, US make no progress in TPP-related talks
Japan and the United States conclude talks on opening Japan’s auto sector as a part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal without major progress.
Canadian auto industry denounces free trade agreement
A union representing about 3,000 workers at the Chrysler Group in Brampton is saying a just-announced free trade agreement between Canada and South Korea poses a “serious threat” to the Canadian auto industry.
Stephen Harper heads to South Korea to ink long-awaited free-trade pact
Prime Minister Stephen Harper departed Sunday for South Korea, widely expected to complete another long round of free-trade negotiations that his critics were denouncing as secretive and potentially bad for Canadian workers.
EU ready to lift duties on most US goods for trade pact
EU shows it’s keenness for TTIP by offering to lift nearly all tariffs on goods imported from the US.
Auto industry fights Canada-Korea free-trade deal
A Canada-Korea trade deal looks like a winner for Canadian agribusiness, but the auto industry is making a last-ditch push to head off the agreement.
Canada-South Korea free trade pact moving closer
Canada and South Korea are moving closer to a long-delayed free trade deal amid stiff resistance from Canadian-based auto makers.
GM likely to shift Holden production to Korea under FTA
General Motors says it is likely that South Korea will end up making its cars for the Australian market under the coming free-trade agreement between Canberra and Seoul.
South Korea seeks upgrade of FTA with India
South Korea is likely to press India for an upgrade of the bilateral free trade pact when finance ministers of the two countries meet on Wednesday, arguing that its rival Japan was offered a better deal. However, India is unlikely to immediately revise the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) signed in 2009, an official told ET.
Car handouts ’hindering FTA with China’
The executive chairman of the company behind Australia’s top-selling cheese brand has warned that the Australian government’s support for the car industry is holding up a free-trade agreement with China.