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East African Community

EAC calls for fair trade deals with Europe
East Africa Community says any agreement reached should not upset the common market protocol and customs union in the region.
Experts support Uganda’s decision to join COMESA FTA
Economic experts have supported the recent decision taken by the government of Uganda to join the COMESA FTA, saying it would increase the volume of Ugandan exports to the COMESA FTA and promote the country’s economic growth.
Disagreements slow down EAC integration
“Right now, Ugandan traders are fighting with Kenya over the issue of cash bonds, Tanzania is lagging behind the integration process because it says it will not allow their land to go, and Zanzibar says it wants to go independent of Tanzania…. so where are the consensus values?”
Regional blocs seek to remove trade barriers
Three regional economic communities (Recs) have taken the lead as Africa seeks to remove trade barriers by 2017.
EAC Sceptical of Trade Agreements With Europe
In his keynote address on the role of multilateral and bilateral trade agreements in fostering trade and development in Africa early this year, former Tanzanian president, Benjamin William Mkapa, raised critical questions and warned East African Community (EAC) countries that signing an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPAs) would deny the region chances to develop into industrialized nations.
Negotiations between EAC, EPA on track despite hitches
East Africa Community (EAC) General Secretary, Dr Richard Sezibera said despite progress made in the ongoing negotiations in the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union, there were still contentious issues to be addressed.
East Africa: US, EAC pursue new trade partnership
The United States and East African community have agreed on a new partnership could serve as a building block towards a more comprehensive trade agreement over the long term.
East Africa: EAC strikes new trade agreement with US
A new Trade and Investment partnership has been forged between the Arusha-based East African Community (EAC) and the United States of America, the ’Sunday News’ has learnt.
Exporters at risk over delays in EPAs deal
Kenya could lose heavily if Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) are not signed, Musa Sirma, East African Community (EAC) minister said.
African trade: Integration of economic blocs into a global player
Plans to create an African free trade area (FTA) by integrating three existing African trade blocs consisting of 26 countries by July 2014 are gaining momentum. The aim is to create a free market of 525 million people with an output of US$1 trillion making it a global player.
Be careful on EPA talks, Eala cautions bloc
The East African Legislative Assembly has warned that the region stands to lose if it is not careful with Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations with the European Union.
Free trade bloc planned for Africa
Plans to create a 26-nation free trade area by integrating three existing African trade blocs by July 2014 are on track and the only major sticking point is likely to be harmonising rules of origin, the three blocs said on Friday.
Mukaruliza Warns Against Rushed EPAs
Regional countries should not rush to seal the EAC-EU trade deals, known as the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), a cabinet minister has said.
East Africa: Deadlines mar EAC-EU trade talks
East African Community legislators and civil society organisations have urged the European Commission to desist from making unrealistic deadlines in trade negotiations; rather, negotiations should be driven by content rather than time frames.
EPAs will take the EAC countries to early grave
East African governments are negotiating for Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with the European Union (EU). The EPAs are free trade agreements based on the principle of reciprocity. They require Africa to open up its borders to duty and tariff-free goods and services from Europe. But numerous studies posit that this unequal partnership will have disastrous consequences on African citizens.
Kenya’s dilemma at EU trade talks
Revelations that Kenyan flowers will be subjected to 16 per cent duty should Kenya fail to ratify Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) by June raises concern about their role in boosting trade on the continent.
Europe piles pressure on EAC over trade pact
A bid by European parliament to impose a deadline for reaching a binding trade pact with East Africa is driving a wedge between the Government and exporters who feel the matter is not being addressed urgently enough.
East Africa: Sezibera Optimistic Over EPA Negotiations
The East African Community (EAC), Secretary General Dr. Richard Sezibera has said that the region is committed to succeed in the negotiations of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
Davies says intra-African trade is key to SA growth
Strengthening bilateral trade and investment relations with African countries was a key trade and economic strategy for South Africa, Trade and Industry Minister Dr Rob Davies told the sixth Africa Economic Forum in Cape Town this week.
Kenya: Region Rallies Behind Nation Over EPAs
The search for a binding pact to safeguard the multi-billion-shilling export trade with Europe has taken a new twist with East African partners resolving to push for new classification of Kenya.