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French company, Veolia, launches claim against Egypt over terminated waste contract and labor wage stabilization promises
French multinational Veolia has had an ICSID arbitration claim registered against the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Accord libéral rejeté : les agriculteurs remercient le Parlement européen !
Selon la Coordination rurale du Languedoc-Roussillon, le Parlement européen se révèle le dernier rempart des agriculteurs face à la libéralisation forcenée que veut appliquer la commission européenne.
Ecuador Congress ends bilateral pacts with France, Sweden
Ecuador’s National Assembly has approved a request by President Rafael Correa to end bilateral investment-promotion and protection agreements with France and Sweden.
COAG criticizes French Azura for selling Saharawi tomatoes
The Spanish agrarian organisation COAG is convinced that the impending EU-Moroccan agricultural trade liberalisation agreement could be illegal for implicitly including Western Sahara. COAG has now condemned French company Azura’s presence in the occupied territories.
Vivendi: Arbitrator Reaffirms Ruling, $105M Award Vs Argentina
French media conglomerate Vivendi (VIV.FR) Tuesday said the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, or ICSID, reaffirmed its original ruling and financial award in favour of the company in a long-running dispute with Argentina.
Dominican Government loses court round in US$680M suit
An arbitration tribunal constituted under the France-Dominican Republic Bilateral Investment Treaty released an award last week ruling on the jurisdictional objections raised by the Dominican Republic in a claim brought by TCW and its parent company.
APE : Un rapport qui conforte les frondeurs
Taubira dénonce sans détour le libéralisme tous azimuts dont les APE sont un des reflets. Pour elle, la politique économique européenne a rendu l’Afrique dépendante et les APE, dans leur formule actuelle, ne feront que perpétuer ces rapports inégaux. Si ce discours fait l’affaire de ceux qui se montrent sceptiques vis-à-vis de la nouvelle relation économique que l’Europe veut instaurer avec l’Afrique, il embarrasse à bien des égards Nicolas Sarkozy, le commanditaire du rapport.
Ottawa et Paris s’entendent pour appuyer le libre-échange Canada-Europe
La France et le Canada ont officiellement convenu mercredi d’appuyer ensemble le projet de partenariat économique canado-européen, dont le premier ministre québécois Jean Charest s’est fait le plus ardent promoteur.
France seeks greater flexibility with Africa
France, the forthcoming holder of the European Union’s rotating presidency, has asked that the bloc display greater flexibility in talks aimed at reaching free trade accords with Africa.
Conflicting views over EPAs in French government
As it prepares to assume the presidency of the European Union in July one of the main issues on France’s agenda will be the economic partnership agreements (EPAs). But with less than three months to go, France’s official position concerning EPAs is still surprisingly unclear.
France backs Morocco push for closer EU ties
Sarkozy said he hoped Morocco would play a "leading role" in a Mediterranean Union.
Vivendi wins decade-long Argentina legal battle
French media and telecoms group Vivendi said on Tuesday it had been awarded $105 million in compensation at the end of a decade-long dispute with Argentinian authorities about a former water concession.
Sarkozy tests the Mediterranean Union in the Maghreb
The head of state is making his first trip outside of Europe to Algeria and Tunisia. Nicolas Sarkozy flies this morning to Algiers, where he will have a meeting and working lunch with the president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, before going to Tunis.
Dominican Republic warned about lawsuit
Foreign energy investors said on Friday that they warned the Dominican Republic it had to mend its crippled power sector months before filing a US$680 million (euro510 million) lawsuit against the country for lost electricity revenue.
France eyes bilateral trade deals after WTO failure
France intends to target the Gulf, India, Asia and the Mediterranean basin in a push towards bilateral trade deals following the collapse of global free trade talks, Trade Minister Christine Lagarde said on Tuesday.
Zimbabwe: Government move on Bippas rekindles hope
Government has finished Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (Bippas) negotiations with France, Italy and Indonesia, a move analysts say gives a glimmer of hope to other countries whose nationals lost their agro-ventures during the land reform programme.
FTA to herald new era of partnership between EU and GCC
The EU-GCC free trade agreement will open a new era of economic, trade, investment and commercial activities between the two blocs, a top French envoy in the Kingdom told Bahrain Tribune.
India, France to strengthen IPR ties; agreement soon
India and France have agreed to strengthen cooperation in the area of intellectual property rights (IPR) and will soon sign a bilateral agreement regarding the same.
Koreans, French fight Hollywood domination
Films from South Korea may not be as prominently featured in the program of the 59th Cannes Film Festival as in recent years, yet Korean cinema is garnering attention, thanks to the struggle by industry people to defend the screen quota system.
France bolsters Moroccan ties as free trade grows
France is pushing to maintain strong economic ties with former protectorate Morocco even as the North African kingdom tries to draw more foreign investors by lowering barriers to trade and investment.