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Japan has shot down Theresa May’s hopes for a quick trade deal after Brexit
Japan is currently in talks with the EU about a free trade agreement and has no intention of rushing that negotiation to satisfy the wishes of UK government, the Financial Times reports.
Can foreign investors sue the UK over Brexit?
Foreign investors may have a case against the UK government if profits suffer post-Brexit, says Bryan Cave’s Maria Gritsenko.
Food is at the center of US-UK trade concerns
Since it has been a member of the European Union, Britain has ratcheted up its standards. There’s a Europeanization of culinary culture. And we’re going to see whether it becomes the McDonaldization of culture.
Qatar dispute puts UK-Gulf trade talks on hold
Delay to prestigious London summit threatens UK plans for quick free-trade deal with rich Middle Eastern states after Brexit.
The return of the chlorinated chicken
Britain’s international trade minister who wants to stitch up a deal with the US thinks that the ‘chlorinated chicken’ debate is an insignificant detail and the latest example of unpatriotic treachery by a hostile media.
UK will not accept chlorinated chicken to secure US trade deal - minister
"We are not going to dilute our high animal welfare standards or our high environmental standards in pursuit of any trade deal", the environment minister Michael Gove said after his trade counterpart Liam Fox was criticised for dismissing the issue
UK’s animal welfare standards ’threatened by post-Brexit trade deals’
House of Lords report warns farmers will be pressured by imports from countries that use cheaper methods to produce food
UK, SACU commit to trade relations despite looming Brexit
The United Kingdom has reaffirmed its commitment to continue trading with SADC EPA countries under the current trade arrangement despite its withdrawal from the European Union (EU).
Japan eyes free trade talks with Britain
Japan wants to hold informal free trade talks with Britain as it also works to sign a deal with the European Union.
US and UK to start trade talks next month to ensure deal soon after Brexit
Trade talks with the US will kick off next month as British officials start to scope out plans for a deal, with the aim of setting up a free trade agreement as soon as possible after Brexit.
Ten alternatives to a corporate trade agenda
What a democratic UK trade policy after Brexit would look like.
SA and UK start making plans for post-Brexit trade
Nations agree in principle to implement interim arrangement based on existing EU partnership deal.
EU ruling could complicate new trade deals - including UK’s
If all parliaments in member states have to approve international trade deals, future trade deals may take even longer than they already do to come to fruition.
Spain loses first arbitration claim over cuts to renewable energy subsidies
Spain has lost its first international arbitration process over cuts to renewable energy subsidies
Abe discusses possibility of FTA with May
The two leaders confirmed the two nations will deepen their economic cooperation after Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.
EU to exclude financial services from post-Brexit deal
The EU intends to exclude the financial services sector from a trade deal with the UK after Brexit, according to the latest tweaks in the EU’s draft negotiating guidelines.
Trading with Trump – What we can expect from a UK-US trade deal
A new briefing has outlined the likely elements of a UK-US trade deal and argues that it would contain more extreme forms of all the controversial elements of the deal that was being negotiated between the EU and the USA.
Trump pone a Gran Bretaña por detrás de la Unión Europea en su prioridad de comercio
Gran Bretaña ha sido desplazada por detrás de la Unión Europea en la fila para cerrar un acuerdo de libre comercio con Estados Unidos. Así lo hicieron saber fuentes oficiales de Washington.
Britain puts banks at front of queue for US trade deal
British banks could be able to access the US markets in future as freely as they trade with the EU now, under a trade deal
EU and UK soon to be in a post-Brexit rush over free trade agreement with Australia
The European Union is eyeing to exclude the UK from trade talks with Australia amid concerns that “sensitive information” may be used by an almost ex-member, reports European Sting.