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UK could clinch trade deal with EU within two years, says expert
The UK could strike a trade deal with the European Union within two years but will struggle to win concessions on free movement of labour, according to one of Britain’s most experienced trade negotiators.
Brexit might trigger EPA revision
The recent vote for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union might lead to the renegotiation of the recently signed Economic Partnership Agreement, creating uncertainty for Botswana
Bilateral Investment Treaty model to minimise Cairn Energy type dispute: Nirmala Sitharaman
The government on Monday said it has framed the model Bilateral Investment Treaty to minimise Cairn Energy type of dispute which has resulted in demand for compensation of $5.6 billion from India.
Post-Brexit: Pakistan aims for new concessionary deal with UK
As the UK’s referendum on exiting the EU means that Pakistan’s exports will no longer enjoy duty-free exports to the country, the Pakistani government is looking to explore options for a free trade agreement that would allow the preferences to continue.
UK-China free trade agreement of ‘great interest’ to meat sector
A China bilateral trade deal offers "great opportunities" to the UK meat industry, according to The International Meat Trade Association (IMTA).
UK turns to Canada for advice on striking post-Brexit trade deals with EU
Canadian minister in talks about how it secured Ceta trade deal with Brussels, which took seven years to finalise
What does Brexit mean for TTIP?
Far from killing off TTIP, Brexit may provide the boost of political will needed to drag the trade deal over the finish line, and could unleash a wave of economic liberalism across Europe.
UK initiates bilateral trade talks for post-Brexit deal with India
Britain said it would start preliminary talks with India on Friday (8 July) about an eventual bilateral trade deal after last month’s referendum vote to leave the European Union, but will have to wait until it actually exits the EU before getting talks formally started.
Britain supports EU free trade deal with Canada despite Brexit
Britain has assured Canada it will push for speedy ratification of the mammoth free trade deal with the European Union, despite its intention to leave the 28-country bloc
What’s India’s strategy to beat Brexit? Here’s a sneak peak
India is considering recalibrating its strategy, including renegotiating its tariff offers, for the proposed free trade agreement (FTA) with the EU following Brexit.
EU commissioner says Brexit negotiation must precede trade talks
Cecilia Malmström says business between the UK and EU should be conducted under WTO rules before trade deal is signed
Why TTIP will live on – but not in the EU
The controversial trade agreement between the EU and United States could well fall apart, only for the UK to pick up the pieces for its own trade deal.
Life after Brexit: What happens to Canada’s trade deal with Europe?
Canada negotiated CETA with the European Union based on the U.K. being in, not out, so now what?
‘Brexit offers a vital lesson for Asean’
Brexit shows where the European Union has gone wrong: because it failed to improve economic benefits for all.
S Korea to review free trade accord with EU
The South Korean government said that it will review the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed with the European Union (EU) following Britain’s exit from the bloc.
European Union and Japan give green light for trade deal
In talks at the G7 summit in Japan, leaders agreed to instruct negotiators to work to an accelerated timetable which could see the EU-Japan deal concluded as early as this autumn and come into effect next year.
TTIP: le gouvernement britannique ignore ses propres avertissements
Les futurs tribunaux spéciaux qui régleront les litiges provoqués par le Traité transatlantique controversé TTIP présentent plus de risques que d’avantages pour les gouvernements européens.
TTIP: UK Government found trade deal had ’lots of risk and no benefit’ in its only assessment
This stark warning against TTIP was disclosed in response to a Freedom of Information request by anti-TTIP campaigners
Farming risks being used as bargaining chip in EU trade deals
Concern is mounting that agriculture could be used as a bargaining chip in two large free-trade deals currently being negotiated by the EU.
TTIP means no way back for UK steel industry
The projected impacts of EU-US trade deal the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on the UK metals sector means there is no way the government will be able to save the steel industry