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Mining company files ISDS case against Panama
New York-based Dominion Minerals Corporation decided to move ahead with an investor-state dispute case against the Panamanian government.
Panama and Israel sign free trade agreement
Latin American nation’s first FTA with a Middle Eastern nation focuses on innovation and technology transfer
Panamanians reiterate their desire to be part of Alba
The tenth anniversary of the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America was commemorated by Panamanians who aspire to participate in this project for economic, social and cultural integration, which seeks to improve quality of life for its people.
Norway ratified free trade agreement with Costa Rica and Panama
Free trade agreement with Costa Rica and Panama has been ratified by the Norwegian Parliament, granting Norwegian fish exporters the same terms and conditions as their competitors in the region, which implies they will operate on equal footing with countries such as Chile.
Panama and Israel expect to finish negotiating FTA in coming months
After the visit of the President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, to Israel on Thursday, the two governments said they would have a free trade agreement within a couple of months.
Mexico and Panama sign free trade agreement
The presidents of Mexico and Panama signed a free trade deal on Thursday, moving the smaller nation a step closer to joining the Pacific Alliance, a regional pact.
Mexico, Panama finish free-trade talks
Mexian President Enrique Peña Nieto called the trade pact "another significant step toward Panama’s future participation in the Pacific Alliance, an inclusion which Mexico supports." The Pacific Alliance is a trade bloc that includes Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru.
Panama, Colombia sign free trade agreement
Panama has signed a free trade agreement with Colombia, making a step forward to join the Pacific Alliance.
FTA with European Union kicks in
Free trade agreements signed by the European Union with Panama, Colombia, Honduras and Nicaragua came into force on Thursday August 1.
Colombia stalls signing the FTA with Panama
The Panamanian Minister of Commerce and Industry, Ricardo Quijano said that Panama has a special interest in signing free trade agreements with Colombia and Mexico to enter the Pacific Alliance not as observers, but as a full member.
EFTA states sign free trade agreement with Costa Rica and Panama
Ministers from the Member States of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) - Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland - and from Costa Rica and Panama have signed a Free Trade Agreement today.
Venezuela claims ICSID arbitration victory over Panama’s OPIC Karimun Oil Company
Venezuela reported a triumph at the World Bank’s International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes in a case brought by Panama’s OPIC Karimun Corporation on compensation for losses it sustained when Venezuela nationalized oil fields in 2007.
Colombia, Panama work toward free trade agreement
Colombia and Panama started the seventh round of negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on May 28 and talks will last for four days, according to Panama’s Trade and Industry Ministry.
Panama-Colombia free trade talks stall
The sixth round of negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement between Panama and Colombia in Medellin, closed in Medellin last Friday without any agreement being reached.
Panama and Colombia to restart FTA talks
Panama and Colombia are about to restart talks on a free trade agreement From March 11-15 the sixth round of negotiations will take place In Medellin, Colombia.
Canadian Parliament backs Panama FTA
Canada’s Minister for International Trade, Ed Fast, has confirmed that the Canadian House of Commons has approved a law that would bring a new free trade agreement between Canada and Panama into force.
Panama president cancels Colon land sale after clashes
Panama’s President Ricardo Martinelli says he will scrap plans to sell off state-owned land in the duty-free zone of Colon after violent protests - one week before the US-Panama FTA comes into effect.
Residents in Panama protest privatization of canal zone as US trade deal nears
next week, a trade deal with Panama will go into effect. Anti-corruption advocates have criticized Panama for providing tax havens for wealthy corporations and its policies have drawn protest from within the country. This week, residents of Colon are under a curfew after protesters hit the streets in response to the government’s plan to privatize land.
Panama protests against free-trade zone land sales
Police in the sea-port of Colon have fired tear-gas and rubber bullets to disperse angry protesters. A total of 50 were arrested during the clashes, a continuation of public outcry against the governments decision to sell land in the free-trade zone.
US-Panama Free Trade Agreement enters into force Oct. 31
United States Trade Representative (USTR) Ron Kirk announced today the United States-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement will enter into force on October 31, 2012.