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TiSA - draft annex on transparency (January 2015)
Leaked by Wikileaks
Certification will give US excessive leverage in the TPPA
The Malaysian government must scrap certification from the TPPA as it allows the US president to unilaterally amend FTAs for US interests, says Charles Santiago
China deal trumps Province, First Nations on energy projects: treaty expert
The controversial Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPPA), which the Harper government signed into effect without parliamentary debate, "means that any B.C. government or legislature or courts would now be subject to obligations arranged by the federal government and China under the treaty," says Osgoode Law School professor Gus Van Harten.
TTIP and the Scottish referendum
Whatever the outcome of the independence referendum on 18 September, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership could force Scotland to adopt a system that allows US multinationals to provide public services.
De Gucht assures that TTIP will probably be a mixed agreement
European Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht has said that the national parliaments of the 28 EU member states will “very likely” need to ratify the future EU-US free trade agreement that is currently being negotiated.
In trade talks, it’s countries vs. companies
A high-profile campaign by opponents to ISDS could complicate TTIP talks long after the listening period in Europe ends.
European Parliament calls for suspension of US data-sharing
The European Parliament has called for a suspension of agreements with the US on sharing of private data in response to the revelations of wide-scale communications surveillance by the US National Security Agency. The resolution also threatens to suspend EU talks on a bilateral trade deal if the mass surveillance does not stop
US pushes for greater transparency in EU business regulation
The US is using transatlantic trade negotiations to push for a fundamental change in the way business regulations are drafted in the EU to allow business groups greater input earlier in the process.
The TTIP: How a new secret ’trade’ treaty could put the world’s biggest firms beyond government control
The US/EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is intended to set global trade rules, bypassing the World Trade Organisation which has up to now allowed developing countries to resist such an agreement.
Editorial: Time to renegotiate the KORUS FTA
It has finally been revealed in Korea that the biggest reason that the implementation of the low-carbon vehicle incentive system has been delayed to 2015 was the South Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA). Concerns that the KORUS FTA would endanger not only legal but also legislative sovereignty and jeopardize Korea’s ability to create and enforce public policies are being realized.
“Free trade agreements are, to some extent, an expression of neo-colonialism”
Interview with Lourdes Castro, chief officer of Grupo SUR and representative of Alop, Aprodev, Cifca and Oidhaco.
TPPA ’threatens national sovereignty’
Despite the secrecy, there are some intrepid souls who are mounting opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership. Interview with one of them, Jane Kelsey, a professor of law at the University of Auckland and long-term academic activist in the area of free trade and investment agreements.
UNASUR protects the region against the international crisis
The Union of South American Nations resolved today to put in place a six-point Plan of Action to protect the region from the international crisis that is shaking Europe and the United States.
No guarantees for NZ policies in trade talks
The Government is offering no guarantees that New Zealand policies will not be changed to accommodate United States concerns in Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations.
Debate urged on TPP text
If the proposed nine-country Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is one "for the 21st century" as negotiators are calling it, its text should be open so New Zealanders can see what their Government is planning to agree to, say groups concerned about the talks in Auckland.
Taiwan parliament warns over China trade pact
China may use a trade pact with Taiwan to push for its political goal of reunification, the island’s parliament warned in a report on Wednesday.
The Caracas Manifesto reaffirms the agreement to strengthen the sovereignty of the people
"The time has come for us to take on an Economic Plan that places greater emphasis on projects and transnational companies, the People’s Trade Treaty, the sucre and the Bank of Alba as the foundational pillars for a common economic area."
Premier pledges no Chinese workers under trade pact
In response to fierce criticism over a trade pact the government may sign with China, Premier Liu Chao-shiuan has pledged that Taiwan’s sovereignty will not be affected by such a deal and that no Chinese workers will be introduced to Taiwan.
Activists demand referendum on CECA proposal
Alliance of Referendum for Taiwan representative Tsay Ting-kuei said that if Taiwan signs a CECA under the “one China” principle, the agreement would symbolize Taiwan’s surrender to China.
US trade policies limit 52 governments’ use of capital controls to fight financial crisis
As the global economy descends further into crisis, a new report finds that U.S. trade and investment agreements with 52 countries have removed one tool that has proved effective in past crises: capital controls.