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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (EU-US FTA), sometimes also called Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)

EU plans to pitch trade bargain to Trump
Deal would feature lower tariffs on US cars, access to government bidding for Europe, and joint action on China
How free trade hypocrisies are hurting our world
Rich countries have made our current trade rules and made sure that these rules suit their needs, providing few means for people in poor countries to protect themselves from aggressive export policies.
EU sours on reviving trade-pact push with US amid tariffs row
Brussels seeks ‘dialog’ with Washington on global metals glut. Europe is skeptical of Trump’s interest in any broad accord.
Trump willing to reopen TTIP amid EU-US trade spat, Ross says
President Donald Trump is willing to reopen negotiations with the European Union over the stalled Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement, which stalled following his election.
Revive trade deal talks to avoid trade war, EU urges Trump
The European Union urged the United States to revive trade talks rather than escalate a dispute over tariffs on metals and cars.
Everything you need to know about the CEPA trade deal but were afraid to ask
A total of 60 civil society organisations from Indonesia and Europe have signed a joint statement laying out serious concerns with the EU-Indonesia trade agreement. These behind-closed-doors trade negotiations - like CETA and TTIP - jeopardise an equitable and just future.
EU will only make trade deals with nations that ratify Paris climate agreement
The United States would be excluded.
The Tory trade bill would usher in the worst bits of TTIP – it must be stopped
This legislation for post-Brexit Britain is not just bad law, it’s dangerous, allowing for deals without parliamentary scrutiny.
Ross: US still open to TTIP
Several hurdles ahead before agreement can be reached.
Britain faces ‘TTIP on steroids’ as US trade talks begin, campaigners warn
Campaign group Global Justice Now has warned there are just months to stop ‘TTIP on steroids’ as the latest round of trade talks between the United States and United Kingdom governments begins in London.
A tale of two transparencies: why the EU and activists will always disagree over trade deal negotiations
Activists are keen to see what is happening in detail throughout the negotiations, not just some top-level view at the start, or the initial textual proposals for each chapter, but nothing afterwards.
Regulating across the digital divide
If the world’s three major economies the US, the EU, and China were ever to harmonise their approach to regulating digital trade and global data flows, the pressure on developing countries to accept digital rules would intensify.
The return of the chlorinated chicken
Britain’s international trade minister who wants to stitch up a deal with the US thinks that the ‘chlorinated chicken’ debate is an insignificant detail and the latest example of unpatriotic treachery by a hostile media.
’Don’t make decisions about us, without us’
Free trade agreements scripted by powerful governments and corporations destroy rural areas. Peasants will resist them!
US ’open’ to new talks on free trade pact
The US is open to resuming talks on the stalled free trade deal with the European Union, commerce secretary Wilbur Ross said.
Trump: Corporate trade as usual, now with added xenophobia
Reports of TTIP’s death have been greatly exaggerated: in spite of Trump’s populist outbursts and his pledge to change US trade policy, the TTIP agenda suits his corporate buddies all too well and goes hand in hand with the EU’s corporate trade agenda.
EU, US to set up joint task force to make progress on trade in Trump era
The European Union and the United States agreed to set up a joint delegation to increase trade cooperation, after the EU-US free trade deal negotiations were put on ice with the election of Donald Trump.
Brussels wants to avoid ‘toxic’ names that make trade deals unpalatable.
EU court slams EU Commission for blocking anti-TTIP movement
The General Court of the European Union passed a ruling in support of public initiatives critical of EU legislation. The court said that movements like "Stop TTIP" could contribute to public debates on pressing issues.
Trump’s poisoned TTIP chalice
The prospect of reopening trade talks with the US puts the European Union in an invidious position.