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Ukraine and EU clash in ’candy row’
The Ukraine’s confectionary industry, which employs 300,000 people, is reportedly under threat from FTA talks with the EU.
European Union fails to see strengths of Ukraine, Turkey
There were hopes that in the final stages of the EU-Ukraine FTA negotiations the EU may be ready to add a membership perspective. However, EU sources say this is not going to happen.
EU-Ukraine agreement on horizon
If it "continues to demonstrate its determination" to satisfy the required conditions, Ukraine could sign an association agreement with the European Union during the Polish EU Presidency, in the second half of this year, said a diplomatic source in Warsaw
Japan, Ukraine eye investment, technology sharing in agriculture
Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych have agreed to launch negotiations on a bilateral investment treaty
Turkey wants to sign free trade agreement with Ukraine
Turkey is interested in expanding economic cooperation with Ukraine and introducing the visa-free regime between the two countries, Turkish Minister of Industry and Commerce Nihat Ergun has said at the Black Sea Economic Forum in Yalta, an UKRINFORM correspondent reported.
Free trade agreement between Ukraine and Israel may be concluded next year, President Yanukovych believes
This was aired by the Uklrainian President during a joint press conference with President Shimon Peres of Israel in Kiev. The two have already signed a bilateral investment treaty.
Turkey wants to create free trade area with Ukraine
Turkey wants to create a free trade area with Ukraine, Turkish Ambassador Ahmet Bulent Meric told the Den newspaper.
EU delays free-trade, accession pacts with Ukraine
The European Union will delay signing free-trade and accession accords with Ukraine because of growing skepticism about the former Soviet state’s commitment to economic and political restructuring.
Ukraine and Canada to launch talks on free trade zone agreement in 2010
The first round of talks will be held in February 2010.
Canada launches free trade talks with Ukraine
Canada’s farmers and farm machinery makers are among the expected beneficiaries from the launch of talks toward a free trade agreement (FTA) with Ukraine.
Ukraine to sign bilateral agreement on free trade zone with European Free Trade Association
The deal with EFTA is likely to be signed by the end of this year. The free trade agreement with the EU could be concluded in 2010.
Ukraine intends to create free trade zone with Libya
Ukraine and Libya are interested in boosting bilateral goods turnover, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and Secretary of the General People’s Committee of Libya al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmudi said at a meeting of the Ukraine-Libya Cooperation Commission in Kyiv on Monday.
Saudis plan to grow crops overseas
Saudi Arabia has unveiled plans to develop large-scale overseas agricultural projects to secure food supplies, revealing that Riyadh is in discussions with Ukraine, Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey and Egypt.
EU, Ukraine agree on final terms for Kiev’s WTO accession
As a result, the European Union will now begin negotiations for a comprehensive free trade agreement with Ukraine
Ukraine to start free trade talks with Israel
Ukraine plans to start free trade talks with Israel in the first quarter of 2008, President Victor Yushchenko said during his meeting with Israel’s business leaders on Thursday, according to the President`s press-office.
Ukraine, Singapore begin FTA negotiations
Ukraine and Singapore have begun negotiations for a bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
EU to start FTA talks with Ukraine
The European Union (EU) will start free trade area (FTA) negotiations with Ukraine hopefully in early 2007, said the European Commission on Wednesday.
Ukraine president urges setting up free trade zone with Hungary
Ukraine’s President, Viktor Yushchenko has called for the creation of a free trade zone between his country and Hungary. Simultaneously, the country is working to establish a free trade zone with the EU and sign an associated membership agreement as early as in 2007.
Analysis: Prospects for a free trade area EU-Ukraine
A study reports on feasibility and implications of a free trade area between the European Union and Ukraine, which will be discussed following the country’s accession to WTO. An FTA agreement is foreseen by the current Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with Ukraine and will become part of the European Neighbourhood Policy framework.
Ukraine to start free-trade talks with EU next year
Ukraine expects to win market-economy status from the European Union in December and plans to start negotiating a free-trade regime with the bloc early next year, Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov said.