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Mercosur files

Despite the ongoing devastation, and with the Amazon likely at an irreversible environmental tipping point, the European Union continues to push for a free trade agreement with Mercosur which would increase the pressure on the region.

Emerging issues in the IPEF trade negotiations: A critical summary

The US is trying to present IPEF as a rethinking of the aggressive trade liberalisation model it championed for the last four decades. At its core, however, IPEF appears to be mainly a geopolitical tool for the US to maintain its hegemony in the Asia-Pacific.

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EU-Malaysia relations at risk over colonial legacy claims

A billion-dollar lawsuit between the heirs of a historic sultanate and the Malaysian government over land awards signed during the era of British imperialism, threatens to further cloud European relations with the Southeast Asian country.

Indonesia invites India to expedite PTA negotiations

Indonesian Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan expressed his expectation that Indonesia and India can immediately begin negotiating the bilateral Preferential Trade Agreement, which has been under consideration since 2020.