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China speeds work on ’negative lists’ to boost foreign investment - official
China has accelerated the process of freeing up inbound foreign investment by compiling a list of industries deemed to be off-limits, a high-ranking economic planning official said on Tuesday.
Leaked documents on TTIP
Leaked TTIP negotiating documents show that the EU is trying to protect European banks from strong American financial regulations.
Sacu committed to India negotiations
The Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) said on Tuesday it was still committed to negotiations with India over a delayed preferential trade agreement (PTA).
Georgia, EFTA to hold talks on free trade
The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) has decided to follow the EU and start talks with Georgia on a free trade agreement.
Trade deals criminalise farmers’ seeds
From Guatemala to Ghana, from Mozambique to Malaysia, seed-saving on the farm is being turned into a criminal offence, so that half a dozen large multinational corporations can turn seeds into private property and make money from them.
Chinese corporations allowed to sue Australian government under free trade agreement
The deal struck between China and Australia on Monday will contain an Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism that will allow Chinese corporations to challenge the Australian government for "pretty much anything", say academics
Deal set to boost food cooperation
An unprecedented agreement was signed by agriculture tycoons from China and Australia on Monday providing that food from Australia sold to China will be of the highest quality and "marked under one brand and under one logo".
US-India food deal and the WTO
India and the US have reached a bilateral deal to resolve their differences over food stock holdings at the World Trade Organization. Analysis from Kavaljit Singh.
French government will not sign TTIP agreement in 2015
Matthias Fekl, France’s Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, has made it clear that France will not support the inclusion of the Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism (ISDS) in a potential TTIP agreement.
Trade Minister says he’ll now work on a deal with India, after signing of FTA with China
Within an hour of finalising a free trade deal with China, Australia’s Federal Trade Minister said he hoped to complete an FTA with India in the next year.
Aus-China trade deal a ’game changer’
Australia and China sealed a landmark trade deal hailed Monday as a “game-changer”, abolishing tariffs in the lucrative resources and agricultural sectors as Canberra confronts a painful downturn in mining.
As TPP trade talks miss third deadline, opponents claim momentum
For the third year in a row, government negotiators for 12 Pacific Rim countries have missed an internal deadline to reach agreement on a controversial US-led trade deal.
US unions to fight back against right-wing attacks and trade deals
Following the US mid term elections, unions are mobilising opposition against trade agreements, including a major campaign against ‘Fast Track’ legislation, TPP and TTIP.
TPP deal not about trade, should be stopped
The Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens workers’ rights in the 12 nations negotiating the deal, say Communications Workers of America
TTIP talks: What’s cooking?: Perspectives on food & farming
The Greens/EFA in the European Parliament is pleased to invite you to a conference on 10 December 2014 on the impacts of a potential EU-US trade agreement (TTIP) on food and farming.
Australian tycoon to build giant dairy farm for exports to China
Mining tycoon Gina Rinehart has agreed to invest A$500 ($437 million) in partnership with a Chinese company to create one of Australia’s largest dairy farms to meet soaring demand for premium infant formula in China.
Abbott seals free trade deal with Beijing
Prime Minister Tony Abbott is expected to sign the widely anticipated free trade deal with China’s President Xi Jinping on Monday.
Cameron pledges support for EU-US trade deal and vows to fight unions over it
UK David Cameron has pledged to put "rocket boosters" behind plans for an EU-US free trade deal and vowed to fight some of those who are against it.
G20: NZ, South Korea sign free-trade agreement
New Zealand and South Korea have concluded a free-trade agreement that’s expected to cut into export tariffs in the nation’s sixth-largest export market that currently run to about $230 million a year.
Keen to have a Bilateral Investment Treaty with India: US
"The Indian-US bilateral investment treaty has stalled a bit and it is time to get it back on track," Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs Charles Rivkin said.