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Taiwan: Groups rally against TPP preparations
Members of Green Party Taiwan and the Economic Democracy Union yesterday rallied in front of the Ministry of Economic Affairs building in Taipei to protest what they said was the government’s “black box” approach toward its logistics planning for negotiations in its bid to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Brazil-Malawi ICFA (2015)
Abuse and exploitation of migrants ignored in exchange for TPPA
The recent Reuters report on Obama’s move to upgrade the human rights status of Malaysia to allow the continuation of the negotiations of the TPPA gives a taste of what is to come, especially for migrants’ rights, if the trade deal will be signed.
ACFI Brasil-Angola (2015)
Spanish FM calls for speeding up EU-Mercosur trade talks
The European Union and South America’s Mercosur bloc need to accelerate negotiations on a trade accord, Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said on Thursday (16 July).
Palestinians to EU: Suspend trade agreements with Israel to protest demolition of homes
Residents of the Palestinian village of Sussiya on Sunday called on the European Union to suspend its trade agreements with Israel to protest the pending demolition of unauthorized homes in their herding community in the South Hebron Hills region of the West Bank.
Pacific Ministers call for EU’s commitment to the EPA
The Ministers highlighted that the interim EPA in its current form is not the preferable option for most parties as it has no development benefits
PH wants agri products included in European free trade pact
The Philippines is negotiating for the inclusion of processed tropical fruits and durable fresh products as part of the ongoing negotiations for a free trade agreement with the European Free Trade Association. EFTA, in turn, wants zero tariff market access for fish.
India, EU to resume talks on FTA on 28 August
When talks resume, lack of clarity on domestic laws regarding bilateral investment treaty (BIT) and government procurement law may delay the progress in negotiations.
Statement by Bechtel on Dabhol settlement
In exchange for $160 million in compensation for its equity and contractor claims, Bechtel agreed to forgo international arbitration over the expropriation of its investment.
No TPP delay for Waitangi - Crown
The Crown will not delay any commitment to sign the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement until the Waitangi Tribunal can decide on whether to hear an inquiry into the agreement.
Chinese premier expects progress in China-Fiji FTA feasibility study
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday asked for progress in the joint feasibility study of a China-Fiji Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
TTIP and UN treaty: the EU must stand up for human rights
Adopting an ’empty chair’ policy in Geneva instead of engaging in a productive debate, next to the strong trans-institutional push for the Commission-backed TTIP, paints a grim picture of a Europe that puts corporate interest ahead of human rights and companies before people.
How the US is using a secret agreement on services to wriggle out of its WTO obligations
It is increasingly evident that the TiSA negotiations are an attempt to pressure developing countries to grant greater liberalisation in sectors of interest to the US and other industrialised countries, without the latter having to pay any price for it, writes Chakravarthi Raghavan
Indian firms advised to increase investment in Vietnam to leverage trade pacts
Indian companies should set up shop in Vietnam in order to take advantage of Hanoi’s upcoming trade deals with Europe and the US, the government says.
Land rights and investment treaties: exploring the interface
New IIED report finds that investment treaties can have far-reaching implications for land reform, for public action to address “land grabbing” and more generally for land governance frameworks.
Tokyo urges Manila to accept Fukushima farm produce
Tokyo is pressing Manila to relax its import restrictions on farm products from the Fukushima prefecture in exchange for more trade concessions under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement, the Department of Agriculture revealed on Wednesday.
India might take two-tier approach in goods trade under RCEP
India is offering 75-80 tariff lines for duty cuts to countries with which it already has an FTA (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea) and only 40-50 to the others (Australia, NZ, China).
Thailand to pursue free-trade zone with Russia’s EEU
Thailand plans to apply for membership in the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union and launch a free-trade zone by year-end, a media report said.
Gold mining company that sued Costa Rica files for bankruptcy
Zombie mining company that tried to sue Costa Rica for US$1 billion in lost profits folds.