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Activists fret about RCEP impact
Access to affordable medicine and farmers’ control over seeds could be undermined by the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership being negotiated between Asean member countries and six other trade partners, says FTA Watch in Thailand
The great CETA swindle
A close look at the controversial EU-Canada trade deal shows that concerns blocking its ratification are well-founded.
Secret arbitration system affecting Romanian community
Protests against the Rosia Montana mine project continued for more than 15 years and resulted in the largest demonstrations in Romania since the late 1980’s.
Ecuador’s Indigenous leader fighting Chevron visits Dakota camp
“We don’t want what happened to us to happen to the people in Dakota,” Piaguaje told teleSUR.
Bulgaria demands visa-waiver guarantee to back EU-Canada trade deal
The Bulgarian government will not back the signing of a free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada until it receives irrevocable guarantees that all its citizens can travel to Canada without visas, it said on Wednesday. Romania is demanding the same.
Ratifying Pacific trade pact not on Vietnam assembly agenda
Vietnam needs more time before it ratifies the Trans Pacific Partnership, an official said Tuesday, dealing a blow to the trade deal that includes the United States and Japan.
EU, ASEAN decide to resume FTA talks
Representatives from the Association of South East Asian Nations and the European Union have confirmed their "commitment to intensify work towards the timely resumption of region-to-region free trade agreement negotiations."
Vietnamese PM called for PTA, FTA with Iran
Iran President Rouhani met with Vietnam PM Nguyễn Xuân Phúc and discussed the ways to enact the bilateral agreements signed and to broaden the areas of cooperation.
Climate change in investor state arbitration: ideas on application ex officio and transnational public policy
Climate change is a serious threat to humankind and arbitration could play a key role in this era.
Defiant Wallonia rejects deadline to save EU-Canada deal
Wallonia’s Minister-President Paul Magnette has dealt a potentially fatal blow to EU trade policy by insisting that he will not support the EU’s landmark trade deal with Canada by a Friday deadline.
EU trade deal with Canada hits hurdle in Belgium
The European Union’s planned trade deal with Canada remained on shaky ground Tuesday, after a meeting of the bloc’s trade ministers failed to yield the support needed for both sides to sign the accord later this month.
Kerala govt opposes RCEP agreement
Kerala government has opposed Centre’s move to sign the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement, saying it would further worsen the crisis in the state’s cash crops sector.
EU threatens to stop market access for Nigerian products over EPA
The European Union may terminate the Temporary Free Market Access it granted Nigeria to export products to the EU due to Nigeria’s failure to sign the ECOWAS-EU Economic Partnership Agreement, reports Financial Vanguard
Peru’s Broad Front moves to block TPP ratification
In protests billed as “anti-colonial” demonstrations, Peruvians hit the streets on 12 October against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trade in Services Agreement
Rethinking investment treaties to advance human rights
There is considerable room to rethink substantive norms and dispute settlement arrangements.
TTIP: the impact on the Greek democracy, economy and society
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is one of the most important forthcoming steps for the wide-ranging transformation of the bourgeois society and capitalism.
SA needs to address its investment image
Cabinet’s endorsement of the draft International Arbitration Bill in April this year gave a welcome indication that South Africa would soon provide investors with one of the essential tools for operating in the modern global economy.
EU trade chief: Not there yet to sign EU-Canada deal
The European Union’s foreign trade chief acknowledged that member states will likely be unable to back a landmark trade deal with Canada as scheduled on Tuesday but she was optimistic the deal could still be signed next week.
Peru works on FTA negotiation proposal with UK following Brexit
Peru has already started to work on a proposal for post-Brexit FTA negotiations with the United Kingdom based on the EU-Peru trade deal
Why East Africa should reject EPA deal with European Union
Europe is in crisis, and yet countries in East Africa are ready to sign on a poorly understood trade agreement with the EU whose overall impact will be disastrous for years to come. The good thing for Tanzania is that there are three months for debate.