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High Court the final authority? Think again
US mining company Nucoil is using a free trade agreement to put pressure on the Australian government to pay compensation over cancelled licences.
Beijing seeks free trade agreement talks with European Union
Beijing wants Brussels to set the ambitious goal of launching free trade agreement talks in a bid to maximize the potential benefits for both sides while China implements its new five-year (2016-20) social and economic program.
This is a really dumb way to fix poverty
Hint: it involves taking money from poor people.
Diet erupts in outrage as ex-minister’s TPP manuscript reveals details Abe kept under wraps
A manuscript of memoirs authored by former farm minister Koya Nishikawa reveals details of what went on in negotiations behind closed doors.
TPP dumping on U.S. dairy farmers
U.S. dairy processors are dumping millions of gallons of raw milk into sewers. Yet the USDA projected a 20 percent increase in U.S. dairy imports by 2025 due to TPP rules.
EU deal yet to bear fruit for Ukrainian exporters
Ukraine’s Association Agreement with the European Union was meant to lure the bread basket of the former Soviet Union away from its longstanding ties with Russia by offering better access to the EU market.
Bolivia could have free trade agreement with EU
Representative sectors in Bolivia are increasingly more interested in resuming bilateral free trade negotiations with the European Union.
Jokowi sets to start Indonesia-EU negotiations
Trade Minister Thomas Trikasih Lembong expressed optimism that Indonesia-European Union trade negotiations would be kicked off soon.
New report: Canadian companies behind nearly all of the dirty trade
Two Canadian companies, Agrium and PotashCorp, were behind two thirds of all imports of phosphates from occupied Western Sahara.
TDM 1 (2016) - CETA Special
This is the first detailed collection of reviews of CETA after its latest revisions, including the reworked Investment Chapter with an investment court replacing international arbitration.
RI, PNG agree to forge bilateral ties
Indonesia and Papua New Guinea have agreed to forge relations between the two countries.
India, Iceland agree to facilitate trade and economic partnership
India and Iceland on Tuesday agreed that a trade and economic partnership agreement between India and the EFTA countries would facilitate more economic relations between the two countries.
India, Saudi Arabia signed five agreements to boost bilateral co-operation
India and Saudi Arabia inked five agreements to boost the bilateral cooperation between the two nations.
Why the Panama Papers should be a US election issue
"Panama is a world leader when it comes to allowing large corporations to evade US taxes. And the Panama free trade agreement would make this bad situation much worse," Sanders warned in 2011.
Diet debate on TPP deal begins amid opposition
The Diet started deliberations on a Pacific Rim free trade deal, with the ruling parties looking to have it ratified and related legislation enacted during the current session ending June 1.
India seeks zero duty on textiles in FTA with Australia
India wants zero duty on textiles, automobile parts and fresh fruit. On its part, Australia is seeking tariff reduction in dairy products, fresh fruit, pharmaceuticals and wines.
Venezuela ordered to pay Crystallex US$ 1.386 billion in arbitration ruling
An arbitration tribunal has ordered the Venezuelan government to pay a whopping US$1.386 billion to Canadian miner Crystallex International Corp.
It’s not just Europeans who will feel the consequences of TTIP
One element of TTIP has been largely ignored – the deal’s impact on developing countries.
ASEAN cautiously speeds steps toward financial integration
ASEAN finance officials have adopted a new timeline for integrating financial services across the regional bloc, aiming to tear down market barriers more quickly.
TPP will push Japanese farmers to grow cheaper rice in bid to boost exports
The nation’s farmers are set to produce less expensive rice than existing brands to boost exports, following the signing of a Pacific free trade deal that will expose them to fierce foreign competition.