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RCEP participating countries call for swift conclusion of negotiations
Negotiations for the RCEP are increasingly making progress towards crafting a future trade and investment deal.Whether talks will be concluded this year is less clear
China pushes Asia-Pacific trade deals as Trump win dashes TPP hopes
China will seek support for a Beijing-led Asia-Pacific free trade area at a regional summit in Peru, Chinese officials, after Donald Trump’s U.S. election win dashed hopes for a U.S.-led free trade pact.
China eyes progress at APEC for China-backed free trade area
China hopes to see progress at the next summit in Peru of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) bloc in pushing ahead with a Chinese-backed trade liberalization framework.
BIT deal with US can help India gain APEC membership
American industry is keen that India and the US conclude their much-awaited Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT), which it believes will strengthen India’s chances of membership in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation bloc.
APEC membership for India likely focus in Narendra Modi’s talks with Barack Obama: Arvind Panagariya
India’s membership in the APEC forum will likely be an important topic in Modi’s talks with President Barack ObamaI while it is too early to think of the TPP.
APEC ministers: Free trade area study on path to conclusion
Trade ministers from the United States, China and other Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum nations say a study on the proposed "Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific" agreement is on track.
India’s membership of APEC will be win-win for both
India’s inclusion in APEC is hoped to further integrate the Indian economy into the Asia-Pacific economic milieu as well as boost its ‘Act East Policy’.
Beijing-backed free-trade plan fails to advance at Apec
South China Sea disputes a hot topic of discussion but declaration at the end of the Asia-Pacific leaders summit makes no reference to the issues
APEC endorses regionwide pact
Leaders of 21 Asia-Pacific economies agreed to push forward with a wider free trade agreement, even as U.S. and China form their own free trade blocs to gain greater influence in the region.
Behind pomp of APEC summit, crushing poverty endures
Opponents argue the APEC agenda of liberalizing trade further strengthens wealthy nations at the expense of developing countries, who largely can only compete in low wage industries such as garment manufacturing.
APEC ministers welcome progress in creating new trade zone
Ministers of 21 Asia-Pacific economies on Tuesday welcomed progress in efforts to establish a region-wide free trade zone as they wrapped up a two-day meeting in Manila.
Protests continue as Obama praises TPP at APEC summit
APEC has been overshadowed by South China Sea tensions and terrorism, but still as leaders discuss free trade, protesters slam them for worsening poverty.
Xi Jinping to APEC: Adopt China free trade policies, initiatives for Aspac inclusive growth
To address the global challenges faced by Asia Pacific economies, APEC businesses should adopt China’s free trade and investment agreements, policies, and initiatives, Chinese President Xi Jinping said
PH climate change official tells APEC: No trade without addressing disaster risk issues
There can be no trade agreement without addressing disaster risk and climate change issues in the Asia-Pacific region, the Philippine government says.
Free trade agreements lead to rising exports, study confirms
As regional free trade agreements proliferate in the Asia-Pacific, a new APEC Policy Support Unit report confirms that these agreements do make a difference in boosting exports.
China’s push for Asia-Pacific free trade area gains ground
China’s push for the proposed Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) at the upcoming Apec summit has cleared the first hurdle, with senior officials of the 21-member grouping agreeing to launch a feasibility study.
Apec trade ministers push regional FTA
This week 21 trade ministers from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation group are making plans for the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP), which they hope to finalise by end of 2015.
US pressures China to kill Asia-Pacific free trade agreement talks
The US is reportedly opposing discussion of FTAAP at the upcoming APEC summit.
China eyes Asia-Pacific FTA at APEC meeting, says foreign minister
The process of launching the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area (FTA) is expected to start during the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Wednesday.
Chinese free-trade interests set up Asia-Pacific agenda ahead of APEC
China’s pursuit of free trade within the Asia-Pacific region is shaping up as one of the key issues to be discussed at this year’s APEC summit to be held in Beijing in November.