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European car distributors seek tariff concession under FTA
European car distributors are asking the government to seek tariff concession for automotive under the planned Europe-Philippines free trade agreement (FTA).
TPP will have negative consequences for Canada’s auto sector, study says
The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal will have negative consequences for the auto sector in Canada, an analysis of the automotive measures in the agreement says.
Korea-Colombia FTA to be effective July
Colombia informed South Korea earlier in the day that it has completed the ratification process of the deal clinched in 2013, adding that the deal will go into effect on July 15.
Results of last EU-Japan negotiating round
The Commission released its report on the latest EU-Japan negotiations, which happened between April 11-20 in Tokyo.
India seeks zero duty on textiles in FTA with Australia
India wants zero duty on textiles, automobile parts and fresh fruit. On its part, Australia is seeking tariff reduction in dairy products, fresh fruit, pharmaceuticals and wines.
Mercosur delays free-trade offer to EU
The reason for the delay of the exchange of offers lies on the EU request for the Mercosur bloc to increase the total trade volume to be included in the final agreement.
Final TPP auto RoO package differs from expected outcome in two ways
Critics of the flexibility mechanism argue that it further opens the door for more content from non-TPP countries to be included in originating vehicles and auto parts.
Negotiator says EU would remove auto tariffs if Japan opens farm market
The European Union will abolish its tariffs on automobiles only if Japan liberalizes its agricultural sector under a free trade agreement currently being negotiated, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom
U.S. auto safeguard in TPP identical to KORUS, but different in practice
The special motor vehicle safeguard that the United States has secured in its bilateral auto deal with Japan under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is identical to the one included in the U.S.-Korea free trade agreement, but will have a different lifespan
The Volkswagen scandal and TTIP
The Volkswagen scandal has, above all, shown to the general public what had long been clear to people in Europe who are campaigning for better air quality: the car industry has too much influence on politics in Europe.
TPP rule of origin is 45% for vehicles, with caveats; 35-45% for auto parts
The final Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) contains rules of origin for the automotive sector that require 45 percent regional value content for finished vehicles under a complicated accounting method, along with a regional value content threshold between 35 and 45 percent for auto parts.
Some highlights of the new 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
Some highlights of the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement as described by the Canadian government Monday as it shared details of a deal to create the largest-ever regional trading bloc.
TPP trade talks extended as negotiators struggle for a deal
The talks remained bogged down after two days of negotiations between ministers from the United States, Japan, Australia and nine other countries over a handful of sticky issues.
Nouvelle tentative pour conclure l’accord commercial trans-pacifique (TPP)
Les représentants de 12 pays riverains du Pacifique se réunissent à Atlanta pour tenter de parvenir à une entente sur un vaste accord commercial, connu sous son acronyme TPP.
Auto, dairy, drug issues arrest TPP talks
Major challenges in three areas remain in concluding the Trans-Pacific Partnership, according to officials involved in the discussions.
The VW scandal and what does it mean for TTIP?
The VW cheating scandal highlights how far we are from any mutual recognition of standards, and how fundamental differences are between the rule of law in the US and in the EU.
Car industry ’buried report revealing US car safety flaws over fears for TTIP deal’
The motor industry has been accused of withholding a report that reveals US cars are substantially less safe than European vehicles - for fear that the findings would hamper the drive to harmonise safety standards as part of the controversial TTIP deal.
TPP could have ’catastrophic effects’ on Canada’s economy: Unifor president
The president of Canada’s largest private sector union says the Trans-Pacific Partnership could have "catastrophic effects" on the nation’s economy.
TPP could have ’catastrophic effects’ on Canada’s economy: Unifor president
The president of Canada’s largest private sector union says the Trans-Pacific Partnership could have "catastrophic effects" on the nation’s economy.
Trans-Pacific Partnership: Harper says auto industry won’t like it all
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper warned the Canadian auto industry it may not be happy with elements of a proposed Pacific trade pact during Thursday’s Globe and Mail leaders’ debate.