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Ag leaders react to US - Japan trade deal
Ag leaders believe a new free trade agreement with Japan should put billions of dollars back in the pockets of American farmers.
China, Japan and S.Korea agree to push FTA, RCEP talks and pay joint efforts on peninsula issue
China, Japan and South Korea agreed to push forward and speed up negotiations on the free trade area (FTA) and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), as the three countries‘ foreign ministers met in Beijing on Wednesday.
Will the United States’ trade deal with Japan make life more difficult for China?
The signing of a trade agreement between Washington and Tokyo may complicate efforts to resolve the US-China tariff war, observers say, as it could bolster the US’s attempts to force Beijing into acquiescing to its demands.
US-Japan trade deal robs NZ exporters of CPTPP advantage
New Zealand beef and cheese exporters to Japan will be robbed of the recently acquired advantage over US producers, who will gain access to the high-value market on the same terms as CPTPP signatories.
Abe, Trump reach trade deal, Japan exempt from higher auto tariffs
Japanese Prime Minister and US President signed off on a bilateral trade agreement that cuts tariffs on farm and industrial products.
US-Japan trade deal may be delayed over car tariffs
The United States and Japan may fall short of signing a trade deal this week, as negotiators from both countries grapple with how to resolve President Trump’s threat to place tariffs on cars from Japan.
UK preparing for post-Brexit FTA with Japan
Britain’s international trade secretary Liz Truss says the UK has started preparations to conclude a free trade agreement with Japan after leaving the European Union.
Explainer: Abe, Trump head for trade deal; auto tariffs a sticking point
Japan is expected to agree to cut tariffs on imports of US beef and pork to around levels granted to signatories of the multilateral Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Japan, New Zealand to jointly aim for expanded TPP
Japan and New Zealand to work toward expanding the existing 11-member trans-Pacific partnership free trade pact as they seek further economic and regional integration in the Indo-Pacific.
Trump races for trade deals with Japan and India as China fight persists
The Trump administration is racing to announce limited trade deals with Japan and India, as President Trump tries to score some wins amid a protracted trade fight with China
Trump says US and Japan have reached initial trade agreement
President Trump said that his administration had reached an initial trade agreement with Japan and would announce a deal in the coming weeks.
Japan to eliminate tariffs on US wine in trade deal: Nikkei
Japan will eliminate the tariffs on US wine within five to seven years after the trade agreement goes into effect.
US agrees to expand low-tariff quota for Japanese beef imports: sources
The United States has agreed to increase its low-tariff quota for Japanese beef in bilateral trade negotiations, sources close to the matter have said.
US hints at rice concession in Japan trade talks
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue suggested the US may make concessions in seeking greater access to Japan’s rice market, during ongoing bilateral trade talks.
US and Japan rush to finish trade deal by Trump’s tight deadline
Negotiators are now finalizing many of the core elements, including how much Japan is willing to open its agriculture market to US imports, cuts to industrial tariffs, and the treatment of digital trade.
United States and Japan reach "agreement in principle," but questions and obstacles remain
This report provides an overview of the announced agreement and the prospects and timing for its completion and entry into force.
The other trade war—Japan vs South Korea
Japan imposed export restrictions on three key chemical materials upon which South Korea is highly dependent for the production of semiconductors. With other actions, that were viewed by South Korea as a “declaration of economic war”.
Trump-Abe trade deal helps US farmers, staves off auto tariffs
The US and Japan agreed in principle on a trade deal that would slash Tokyo’s tariffs on American beef, pork and other agricultural products, while delaying for now the threat of additional levies on Japanese auto exports to the US.
British trade secretary to visit Japan by Oct. for FTA, TPP talks
British trade secretary hopes to visit Japan by the end of October for talks on a possible bilateral trade agreement and her country’s potential participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade framework.
US and Japan near free trade deal as high-level talks get underway in DC
US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer will meet with his Japanese counterpart Toshimitsu Motegu in Washington for two days of discussions on a proposed bilateral free trade deal.