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Korea-Asean special summit to focus on expanding trade
Korea government called for the expansion of trade with Asean states, especially in light of the global rise of protectionist policies and trade wars, not to mention Korea’s recent tensions with Japan.
China could play mediator role to help resolve Japan-South Korea trade friction
Tensions between Japan and South Korea have been escalating since July 1. Japan has since placed restrictions on three chemicals critical to South Korea’s tech industry. Uncertainty exists within ongoing negotiations for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).
Japan leaves billions on table as paperwork clogs free trade deals
Only half of eligible companies enjoying fruits of 17 trade agreements.
The Japan-US ‘mini-deal’ has big implications
As the US and Japan intensify trade negotiations, the push for a quick “mini-deal” on agriculture and autos will have far-reaching impact.
US, Japan look to clinch trade deal in September
With China talks stalling, Trump may be more inclined to give Japan concessions to seal in a trade ‘win.’
RCEP Ministerial Meeting makes little progress as Indian minister absent and Japan and South Korea clash
The official statement from the RCEP Ministerial Meeting held on August 2-3 said the RCEP talks “must keep the momentum towards concluding negotiations within the year.” But actual progress of the negotiations is slow.
Japan and US break new ground on free digital trade
Japanese and American trade negotiators have reached a broad agreement on the digital economy, in which digital products are tariff-free and businesses can host servers wherever they choose.
Trade agreement between Mercosur and Japan may be signed later this year
Driven by the agreement between Mercosur and the European Union, the government is working to enable a trade alliance between the South American bloc and Japan.
Japan, US start working-level talks for bilateral trade pact
Officials from Japan and the United States started a three-day meeting to discuss a bilateral trade agreement, focusing on tariff cuts in agricultural and industrial products.
Japan and US officials to hold working-level trade session in Washington next week
The Japanese and US governments will hold a working-level session in Washington to accelerate their trade talks
New Indonesian-Japanese deal to be signed in late 2019
The Indonesian and Japanese governments are now working to complete the countries’ new economic partnership agreement, which is expected to be signed late this year.
Japan: G20 Leaders’ Summit to focus on free trade
Under Japan, G20 focuses on fixing current account imbalances with multilateral policy coordination not bilateral trade deals.
Japan and U.S. seek compromise on car and industrial-goods tariffs in working-level talks
Japan and the United States tried to find middle ground Thursday in working-level negotiations on lifting or cutting tariffs on vehicles and other industrial goods, as they sought to hammer out a bilateral trade agreement.
U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer hopes for farm deal with Japan ’in next several weeks’
U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer expressed hope Wednesday that the United States and Japan will soon reach a deal on agricultural tariff cuts as part of efforts to strike a bilateral trade agreement.
US-Japan trade deal progress likely in ’months’: US official
US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer tells Congress that Japanese authorities ’understand completely’ the US desire for trade access to Japan and that efforts to reach a new trade agreement should bear fruit soon
Japan and US officials hold talks to advance trade negotiations
Officials from Japan and the United States started a two-day meeting Monday in Washington to advance negotiations for a bilateral trade agreement.
Japanese trade chief Motegi hold talks with his US counterpart, Lighthizer, in Tokyo ahead of Abe-Trump summit
The Japanese and US trade chiefs met in an attempt to advance talks on a bilateral deal but the two sides still remain at odds.
Japanese and US food and farm organizations urge halt to trade talks that undermine rural livelihoods and food sovereignty
We urge the complete halt of US-Japan trade negotiations that undermine the livelihoods of family farmers and the sovereignty of rural communities in our two countries.
US trade representative heads to Japan for free trade deal discussions
US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer will hold talks with Japanese Economy Minister Toshimitsu Motegi in Tokyo today that will focus on a future bilateral free trade deal.
’Beef and pork for cheese deal’ sours as strict EU health rules hinder Canadian exports under CETA
But as exports to the EU lag, shipments of pork and beef to Japan have spiked under the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership.