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Move on data protection or fail on TTIP, EU Parliament chair says
On 31 January, there was a stern warning from Elmar Brok, chair of the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, that the United States must move quicker on joint data protection standards to avoid failure of the bilateral talks between the EU and the US.
The deadly wages of free trade
The very same policies which undermined the livelihoods of the approximately 2 million small farmers in Mexico who were displaced as a consequence are devastating the Colombian country side now.
Canada signs free trade deal with Honduras amid pre-electoral repression
Canada and Honduras inked a bilateral free trade agreement on November 5, amid political repression, increasing militarization, and controversial Canadian investment in the Central American nation.
Militarization and the Trans-Pacific “strategic economic” Partnership
The TPP has been mostly framed as a secret free-trade agreement but it has in large part taken the form of a policy initiative called the Pacific Pivot, a shifting of military resources into the Pacific.
European Union says US spying claims could affect free trade
EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding on Sunday warned that landmark negotiations with the United States to create a vast free trade zone could be affected if media reports that Washington had bugged EU premises proved true.
The horrific costs of the US-Colombia trade agreement
Wallach, who has been studying such agreements for twenty years with Global Trade Watch, says she has never seen the merging of a trade agreement with terror like this. Not on this scale.
Colombia to resume peace talks with the FARC amidst US and Colombian military "saber-rattling"
US support for the peace process would imply important changes in its policy toward the militarization of Colombia, its failed war on drugs, and a revision of its Free Trade Agreements that would allow the small peasants and subsistence economy to survive.
How the militarized war on drugs in Latin America benefits transnational corporations and undermines democracy
Is it an exaggeration to speculate that drug trafficking and exploitative globalized corporate practices formalized under free-trade agreements (grounded in a race to the bottom on labor costs and environmental degradation) are two sides of the same profiteering coin?
US to fight cyber wars with free trade
Selling Aussie technology to the US military just got easier.
EU Parliament resolution on the EU-India FTA calls for dialogue on Kashmir
Although the resolution has compelled India to resume talks with Pakistan, it is not clear whether and how the outcome of these talks will affect the conclusion of the FTA. It is also uncertain whether or not the condition to settle the Kashmir issue with dialogue will be included in the final draft of the EU-India FTA, writes Ahmad Ali Ghouri
Central American integration —and militarization
Representatives of the governments of Mexico and the Central American countries wrapped up a fifth round of talks on a regional free trade agreement last week. The negotiations took place in Mexico City, with the next round of talks to be held in August in El Salvador.
Canada seeks more free trade, security zone with US
Governor General David Johnston said Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper would work with Washington to create a continental security perimeter around Canada and the United States "ensuring that people and goods can flow freely and safely between our two countries."
Chiquita & the Colombia FTA — Murder in the interest of profit
Recent documents obtained by the National Security Archive at George Washington University from the US Justice Department show that Chiquita Brands International, in direct contradiction of the claims of both Chiquita and the US government for many years, made illegal payments to both guerrilla groups and then AUC death squads over the course of about 14 years in return for security from these groups.
Is ‘another Egypt’ brewing in Mexico?
People in Chihuahua who were picked up under guidelines of the Merida Initiative on three-year-old warrants were charged not with drugs but with organizing anti-NAFTA protests!
We need to rethink, not rearm NAFTA
Experts expect Obama and Harper to announce a “new” border partnership to ease the flow of goods and people across the border by harmonizing security, immigration and refugee, surveillance and possibly defense policy across the continent. There’s nothing new about this plan. It’s the regurgitation of the defunct Bush-led Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) without the Mexican “amigo.”
Lawsuit Would Further Expose Secretive SPP Agenda
The SPP, along with NAFTA have already laid much of the groundwork for a North American Union.
The SPP is dead. Let’s keep it that way
With virtually no fanfare or media analysis, one of the most transformative agreements ever signed by Canada and the US (and Mexico) is officially dead. Its official US government website declared last month: "The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) is no longer an active initiative. There will not be any updates to this site."
Possible US-Colombia military deal raises regional tensions
A pending agreement that would give the US military broad access to several Colombian bases is rattling already shaky relations in the Andean region, where Venezuela "froze" relations with Colombia Tuesday. Uribe agreed to the deal in the hopes of finally winning approval of a free-trade agreement with the United States, according to critics.
Harper touts free trade, shies away from terrorism reports in Colombia talks
As he blasted the "ideological" opponents of his free-trade deal with Colombia, Prime Minister Stephen Harper played down recent reports of a Colombian terrorism infiltration into Canada.
Megaprojects and militarization: A perfect storm in Mexico
As Mexican security budgets inflate with US aid-to combat the rising power of drug trafficking and organized crime-rights groups say these funds are increasingly being used to protect the interests of multinational corporations.