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UK ’front of the line’ for free-trade deal, says US treasury secretary
Steven Mnuchin said the US was "very supportive of the UK over the Brexit issue" and wanted to see a successful transition.
Brazil and Mercosur negotiate possible trade accord with UK
Due to Brexit, the UK will be excluded from the trade agreement between Mercosur and the EU, and will need to negotiate a separate agreement.
Bacon with banned additive among risks of US-UK trade deal
Soil Association issues top 10 food safety concerns posed by a transatlantic free-trade deal.
India, UK hold trade talks in Brexit’s shadow, eye FTA
Indian Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu held talks with his British counterpart, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox on Thursday, as the two countries look for opportunities to boost trade and investment, including via a potential Free Trade Agreement, as Britain prepares to leave the European Union.
Kenya moves to secure post-Brexit trade deals with the UK
Kenya has initiated informal bilateral talks with Britain as it seeks to establish a new trade deal to protect its exports to the European market now that Brexit will likely affect duty free access of Kenyan goods to the country.
Asian countries open to, but baffled by UK TPP interest
After it emerged that the UK was seeking membership of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), trade figures in Asia have expressed openness to the idea, but confusion as to how realistic it is.
The Tory trade bill would usher in the worst bits of TTIP – it must be stopped
This legislation for post-Brexit Britain is not just bad law, it’s dangerous, allowing for deals without parliamentary scrutiny.
EU trade in 2018: A preview
The year 2018 will offer a very narrow window of opportunity to bring key EU trade policy files forward.
US urges UK to cut EU rules after Brexit to boost trade
US trade official says it is ‘difficult’ to do business with EU and Brexit offers chance to press the ‘reset button’.
UK leaving single market for TPP could hit workers’ rights, union warns
TUC delivers stark warning about labour abuses after trade secretary Liam Fox refuses to rule out membership of TPP.
Liam Fox’s Pacific plan is toxic. Post-Brexit trade policies need proper scrutiny
Joining the dysfunctional Trans-Pacific Partnership would help only big business. There must be transparency and accountability over trade.
India-UK trade meet to focus on visa restrictions, trade barriers
While the UK can engage in free trade agreement (FTA) talks with other countries including India only after the process of full disengagement from the EU is complete, talks are already happening unofficially on the potential of such a pact.
Britain exploring membership of the TPP to boost trade after Brexit
Department for International Trade believed to be working on proposals to enter the troubled Trans-Pacific Partnership.
British investor claims USD 500 million from Russian coal mine
A British investment group has demanded USD 500 million from Russia and accused the country of state-sponsored corporate theft in a battle for control of a Siberian coal mine.
UK demands secrecy in Brexit trade talks with US
The British Government has demanded total secrecy in its free trade talks with the US for a post-Brexit deal.
Gove: UK would not compromise with US on food standards
Environment secretary sets up possible clash in future US trade talks over retaining EU regulations post-Brexit.
China, Britain pledge co-operation as UK leaves EU
The British export finance agency will support up to 25 billion pounds ($33 billion) of new business along the “Belt and Road” in Asia.
India’s top court allows Vodafone to initiate second arbitration over $2 bln tax demand
India’s top court allowed Britain’s Vodafone to initiate a second arbitration process under an India-UK investment pact .
EU’s Barnier rules out full EU-UK trade pact in time for Brexit
There is “no possibility” that Britain and the European Union can conclude a free trade agreement by the time Britain leaves in March 2019, EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barner said.
S. Korea, Britain to hold talks over post-Brexit trade deal
Trade officials of South Korea and Britain will meet to discuss ways to forge a new trade deal after London exits from the European Union, Seoul’s trade ministry.