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Mozambique joins the Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and Southern African States
The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the European Union and the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) became the first regional EPA in Africa to be fully operational after its implementation by Mozambique.
Indonesia to start trade talks to boost exports
Indonesia seeks to initiate negotiations on trade agreements under both bilateral and regional schemes this year to help jack up the country’s exports.
Spur self-sustaining development of Africa via more Japanese investment
Japan intends to conclude new bilateral investment treaties with 13 countries, including Algeria and Morocco.
Singapore inks bilateral agreements with Ethiopia, Mozambique and Nigeria
Singapore signed a bilateral investment treaty with Mozambique at the Africa Singapore Business Forum. It already has BITs with Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.
Brazil has signed Investment Cooperation and Facilitation agreements with Mozambique and Angola
The ICFAs open a door to arbitration, providing an alternative to the local courts, but State-to-State, not investor-State.
Brazil signs new bilateral investment treaties with Mozambique and Angola: new approach to BITs or “toothless lions”?
On 30 March 2015, Brazil and Mozambique entered into a treaty, which they call the Agreement for Cooperation and Investment Facilitation. On 1 April, Brazil and Angola entered into an agreement of the same nature.
Japan-Mozambique BIT (2013)
Mozambique and Japan pen investment treaty
Japan signs its first bilateral investment treaty with a sub-Saharan African country, aimed at increased Japanese investment flows into Mozambique’s infrastructure, agriculture and agri-processing and sectors.
African Liberal Parties Want Benefits From Partnerships
African Liberal parties, meeting in a General Assembly, that closed in Maputo on Saturday, have demanded that partnership agreements with the European Union should bring real advantages to Africa.
EU-SADC interim FTA (2007)
Initialled by Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique on 23 November 2007
Country prepares for negotiation of EPAs
The Mozambican government is preparing its position for negotiations with the European Union, scheduled to begin in May, on the controversial Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs).
US seeking new trade pacts with Africa
After calling off negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with five Southern African countries last month, the US has indicated its intentions to negotiate new trade arrangements with several African countries including Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique and Ghana.
Malawi, Mozambique to sign bilateral trade accord
Mozambique and Malawi are to liberalise trade between the two countries, under a preferential trade agreement to be signed on Wednesday, trade and industry ministry officials said here Tuesday.
United States and Mozambique sign TIFA
US Trade Representative Rob Portman and the Mozambican Minister of Industry and Commerce Antonio Fernando signed a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) today that will provide a forum to address trade issues and will enhance trade and investment relations between the United States and Mozambique.
US-Mozambique TIFA (2005)
Taking liberties - new Christian Aid report
This bold new report from Christian Aid explodes the myth that free trade is the answer to poverty.
How US is turning AIDS into big business
The reason for President Museveni’s renewed vigour to support US ideologies in the battle against HIV/Aids is becoming clearer after Bangkok, Thailand.