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North America Free Trade Agreement | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

US and Canada to drop ISDS from NAFTA. NZ should for TPPA
Canada and the US are set to agree on withdrawing the controversial investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between the US, Canada and Mexico.
Next Nafta talks scheduled to start with auto content rules
Seventh round set to run Feb. 25 to March 5 in Mexico City. Rules of origin to be one of most discussed issues in talks.
NAFTA talks have made limited progress, Canada’s chief negotiator says, because they’re moving too fast
Substantial differences remain on autos, a sunset clause, an investor-dispute resolution mechanism and US demands for dairy industry access
Auto industry skeptical of Canadian TPP side deal on vehicles with Japan
Auto workers and manufacturers are rejecting assertions by Canada’s trade minister that the country won major access for them into the highly protected Japanese market in the recently rebooted Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Mexico to make regional content proposal for autos in NAFTA talks
Mexico will make a proposal for regional content requirements for autos at the next round of talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a senior Mexican official said.
Second round of Korea- US FTA talks
After the grueling negotiations, South Korean Trade Minister Kim Hyun-chong said that the two sides engaged in intense discussions and there is still a long way to go. Here is Professor Chung In-gyo from the International Trade Department at Inha University to examine the latest FTA talks between South Korea and the US.
Nafta in play-the state of play following the sixth round of negotiations
The sixth round of the NAFTA 2.0 negotiations concluded on January 29 in Montreal. Some of the key areas covered in this round are summarized.
NAFTA will undermine health unless Canada resists monopolies on medicines
Time and again, Canadians reaffirm their belief in the basic principle of equitable access to health care for all. But the spirit of this very Canadian principle remains in peril as NAFTA negotiations forge ahead.
Free trade fantasies: Canada must reject both NAFTA and TPP
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has boasted of his commitment to progressive economic, environmental and social policies. At the same time, has been a passionate warrior in his pursuit and defence of so-called ‘free trade’ agreements.
Over 100 organizations concerned with health sign open letter to Canadian, Mexican and US ministers of health and trade
AIDS, cancer, religious-based, teacher, and retiree advocacy groups were among the more than 100 organizations that recently signed a letter warning health and trade ministers of the United States, Canada, and Mexico not to undermine NAFTA’s access to affordable medicines.
Canadian NAFTA auto rules of origin idea ‘opposite’ of US goals: Lighthizer
While “significant” challenges remain, all three ministers said some progress has been made this round.
Canada, Mexico tell US: Decide whether you want a NAFTA dispute settlement process
Disputes over whether to opt out of investment section frustrating to Canada and Mexico.
Canada begins court fight to overturn NAFTA ruling on Digby quarry
Ruling found that New Jersey company was wrongly prevented from opening quarry and terminal.
US, Mexican unions to file NAFTA complaint over labor bill
US and Mexican unions will formally complain to the US Labor Department on Thursday that Mexico continues to violate NAFTA’s weak labor standards
NAFTA talks focus on dispute settlement, autos
Canada has proposed that Canada and Mexico would agree to a dispute settlement process between their two countries alone — to be outlined in an annex to the NAFTA.
Canada initiates NAFTA mechanism against US import duties
Canada filed a request for panel review within the framework of the North American Free Trade Agreement over the U.S. decision to impose duties on imports of Bombardier jet airliners
Soy growers join new NAFTA initiative
The American Soybean Association supports the Americans for Farmers & Families, a new coalition of growers, producers, suppliers and consumers dedicated to preserving the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Next NAFTA round to be extended by a day, Mexico spars with US
Talks in Montreal later this month to update the North American Free Trade Agreement will be extended by one day.
Incoherence and uncertainty: Trump’s trade policy
The actions of the Trump Administration and Congress have, in one year, established a pattern of cynical disregard for rural communities, hostility toward science, and an unbridled scorn for the principles and practice of democratic governance.
NAFTA’s Chapter 11 dispute mechanism too costly for Canada at $314M, says report
Canada is currently facing eight active investor-state claims that combined seek more than $475 million in damages.