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FTA brightens prospects of Vietnamese footwear products
Prospects are bright for Vietnam’s footwear exports after the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement comes into force in 2018.
Cambodia urged to join TPP
US Ambassador to Cambodia said that given Vietnam’s participation in the TPP, “it would be a shame for Cambodia to miss out and be left behind”.
India seeks zero duty on textiles in FTA with Australia
India wants zero duty on textiles, automobile parts and fresh fruit. On its part, Australia is seeking tariff reduction in dairy products, fresh fruit, pharmaceuticals and wines.
Will Vietnamese garment contractors win in the TPP?
Many contract manufacturers in Vietnam are likely to see little benefits if the TPP goes through.
Trans Pacific Partnership could change the apparel indusry
TPP could disrupt the fast fashion momentum and a fledgling made-in-America clothing rebound by renewing the attractiveness of offshore manufacturing via lower tariffs.
Reps to vet EPA with EU… lament textile industry collapse
House of Representatives call for caution in the implementation of the EPA between EU and Nigeria.
Textile woes: PRGMEA expresses concern over EU-Vietnam FTA
The Pakistan Readymade Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PRGMEA) has cautioned the government to address the issues of the value-added textile sector, as the continued drop in exports may further widen due to Vietnam and European Union’s (EU) Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
How the TPP could change where your clothes come from
There’s a reason President Obama made the case for the Trans-Pacific Partnership at Nike’s headquarters: American clothing companies that want to manufacture their clothes in Vietnam are big winners in the massive trade deal.
Trade agreements: EU grows bilateral and regional FTAs
Free trade agreements (FTAs) between the European Union (EU) and its trading partners worldwide have mushroomed in recent years and more are in the pipeline.
Tariff cuts, exemptions for Vietnam-EU FTA clarified
The European Union (EU) will remove 85.6% of tariff lines for Vietnam’s goods exports immediately after a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) between the two sides comes into force.
’TPP can hurt India’
Financial services company India Nivesh has warned that when the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) comes into effect, India would be negatively impacted to a major extent.
Trans-Pacific Partnership trade proposal threatens SEIU members
The reality is that TPP would expand the power of multinational corporations while limiting the ability of the US government to protect workers, communities and the environment.
Exporters for FTA, CEPA with EU
Indian knitwear exporters have made an appeal to expedite the signing of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union.
US deal expiry may hit textile firms
Textile factories in Bahrain fear they could lose millions of dollars in trade and thousands of jobs could go if a tariff agreement with the US is not renewed next year.
’A well-conceived trade pact can open up opportunities for textile exporters’
The Indian textile industry as well as the policy makers are too focused on export incentive scheme for export promotion
After its victory, Team Bush resumes its crusade for free trade
Reassured by the renewed confidence of the American voters, President George W. Bush is going to pursue, even accelerate his free trade strategy in next four years by giving special support to bilateral agreements.
Calls for Berry Amendment to be protected in TTIP
EU apparel industry wants a provision forbidding the US Department of Defense from buying products not 100% ’made in the US’ to be repealed by TTIP — but its US counterpart is fighting back.
Vietnam has trouble escaping dependence on China through FTAs
A host of pending trade agreements could help Vietnam reduce its heavy economic reliance on China, but won’t unless the country takes bold and difficult steps toward developing alternative supply chains and aggressively building up a domestic base range of fabric and component part manufacturers, economists said.
US company is seeking extension of FTA clause
West Point Home, a leading textile manufacturer in the US, is using the offices of American Chamber of Commerce Bahrain to advocate extension of the tariff preference level of the free trade agreement between the US and Bahrain.
Central America fears textile losses of $6bn to TPP
Central America is increasingly nervous about Vietnam’s participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks, with some experts claiming its inclusion could bring losses of around $6bn to its bread-winning textiles and apparel sector.