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Uruguay: governing coalition rejects TISA’s negotiations
The ruling progressivist coalition Broad Front overwhelmingly decided to withdraw Uruguay from the negotiations on the supra-national trade-deal TISA (Trade in Services Agreement).
TiSA and the new development bank: two antagonistic proposals
The central banks of BRICS bloc bet on the New Development Bank, while the central countries put their money on TiSA: free trade in services.
Free trade treaties and the health system
While mass media are almost entirely absorbed with cases of corruption, trade and investment agreements slip by, almost unnoticed. TTIP, CETA and TiSA are being negotiated throughout the world, in complete opacity and in the absence of democratic checks.
Newly released emails reveal cozy relationship between US trade officials and industry reps over secret TiSA deal
Multinational corporations have been more than thrilled to take advantage of secretive trade negotiations process to get their wish list of policies through the backdoor.
TISA and tech’s double standards on secret government Internet deals
The stash of previously-secret correspondence about the Trade In Services Agreement (TISA) speaks volumes about the extent to which technology companies into the dangerous idea that trade agreements should be used to govern the Internet.
How TiSA strolls off with our services
While TTIP is currently the center of attention, our world leaders discuss TiSA, an extensive service agreement meant to put (public) services, like the water supply, in the hands of the international market.
Taiwan must open up service sector with TiSA’s arrival
The Taiwanese government has turned its focus to the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) currently being negotiated by 25 countries and regions that account for 70% of the global trade in services.
TISA, TTIP, CETA, TPP : la mort du service public
Les partisans des libéralisations misent sur de nouveaux accords de libre-échange qui priveraient les Etats de leur capacité à fixer les règles du jeu et accéléreraient le démontage du service public.
TPP, TTIP et TiSA – «des accords politiques visant de supprimer le modèle démocratique»
Alfred de Zayas, spécialiste renommé de droit international, présente toute la complexité de ces soi-disant accords de libre échange du point de vue du droit international.
TTIP, CETA, TISA and public services
What is the threat from free trade agreements to public services?
TiSA – the new trade deal being kept under wraps
Like TTIP, CETA, and TPP, the TiSA deal would turbo-charge global trade this time in ‘services’, which includes air and maritime transport; parcel delivery; e-commerce; telecommunications; accounting; engineering; consulting; health care; private education; and financial services – around 80 per cent of the US economy.
How the US is using a secret agreement on services to wriggle out of its WTO obligations
It is increasingly evident that the TiSA negotiations are an attempt to pressure developing countries to grant greater liberalisation in sectors of interest to the US and other industrialised countries, without the latter having to pay any price for it, writes Chakravarthi Raghavan
How global trade agreements undermine sustainable business: The American Sustainable Business Council perspective
The American Sustainable Business Council explains that the point of greatest concern in TPP, TTIP and especially the TiSA agreement is the proposal to allow corporations to sue governments in an international tribunal.
CUPE delegates in Colombia to oppose secret trade deal
Four national public sector unions have joined forces with sister unions in Colombia to fight against the privatization of public services and to strengthen each other’s struggles to defend human and labour rights.
IBON primer on 21st Century free trade agreements
New free trade deals across regions such as the TPPA, TTIP and TiSA, among many others are being negotiated that will have far-reaching implications for peoples in both the global North and South and for the future of the world economy. But these deals will neither benefit the democratic majority nor rescue the world economy in crisis.
TISA stocktaking meeting also might have to face growing protests
Today, Wednesday 8 July, a group of nongovernmental organisations has called for a protest march from the UN to the Embassy of Australia in Geneva, host of this week‘s TISA round.
TiSA Round 13: decision-time on key negotiating items
Negotiations towards a plurilateral trade in services agreement (TiSA) are entering a decisive moment as the 13th round of talks in Geneva this week is to determine what items to drop from the negotiating list, reports Bordelex.
WikiLeaks publishes four more TiSA documents
On 2 July, WikiLeaks publshed four more chapters from the secret ongoing TiSA (Trade in Services Agremeent) negotiations, ahead of the next negotiating round on Monday: Electronic Commerce, Telecommunications Services, Financial Services and Maritime Transport Services.
TISA leaks reveal threat to seafarers
TISA documents predict a power grab by transport industry players at the expense of the public interest, jobs and a voice for workers, the International Transport Workers’ Federation says
TiSA - draft annex on telecommunication services (April 2015)
Leaked by Wikileaks