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Trade-friendly Vietnam now offers far more than just low-cost labor
Chairman of the EU-ASEAN Business Council explains why foreign investors are interested in Vietnam
TPP - what is the cost for Vietnam?
"How much did Vietnam have to trade off to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Vietnam-EU Free Trade Area (FTA)? Surely, we will have to pay dearly for them when the tax rate falls to zero percent," said Prof. Nguyen Mai.
Pact on free trade between Viet Nam, S Korea takes effect
The RoK projects are mainly poured into industrial processing and manufacturing, real estate, retail and wholesale, and construction, with total investment exceeding $5 billion.
L’accord de libre-échange Vietnam-R​. de Corée entre en vigueur
Les investissements​ de la Corée concernent principalement la transformation et la fabrication industrielle, l’immobilier, la vente au détail et en gros, et la construction, avec une somme totale de plus de 5 milliards de dollars.
EU and Vietnam rubber stamp free trade deal
The EU and Vietnam ticked the last box for a free trade agreement on Wednesday (2 December) after roughly three years of negotiations.
S Korea ratifies VN trade deal
South Korea’s National Assembly officially adopted a free trade agreement with Viet Nam.
EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement to be signed in December
The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) is expected to be officially signed at the beginning of December, during a visit by senior Vietnamese leaders to Europe.
How the TPP could change where your clothes come from
There’s a reason President Obama made the case for the Trans-Pacific Partnership at Nike’s headquarters: American clothing companies that want to manufacture their clothes in Vietnam are big winners in the massive trade deal.
Trans-Pacific Partnership: read the side letters not just the headlines
Australia has entered a wide range of bilateral agreements with countries around the Pacific in a web of special deals which underline the complexity of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
Critic: TPP deal has ‘exclusions up the wazoo’
The exceptions, laid out in multiple annexes and embedded in various chapters of the 1,000-page-plus Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, range from obscure provisions to controversial measures
Japan releases TPP details – Vietnam to abolish tariffs and economic needs test
Besides abolishing tariffs and providing for investor-state dispute settlement, some of Vietnam’s highlights under the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact include removing the dreaded economic needs test
Tentative U.S.-Vietnam ’consistency plan’ links tariff benefits to labor compliance
Vietnam has tentatively agreed with the United States on a fully enforceable implementation plan to bring its labor regime into compliance with the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Vietnam to lose $77 million of tax revenue each year due to free trade pacts
The government has estimated that it will lose around US$77 million of tax revenue annually between 2016 and 2025, when new free trade agreements take effect and eliminate a majority of import duties.
Biz bodies urge quick parliamentary approval of FTAs
More than 40 South Korean business bodies urged parliament Sunday to quickly approve free trade agreements with China, Vietnam and New Zealand to help prop up Seoul’s slumping exports.
Taiwan and Vietnam to start talks on new investment agreement
Vietnam has agreed to start talks on a new Taiwan-Vietnam Bilateral Investment Agreement to provide more protection for Taiwanese businessmen investing in the Southeast Asian country.
Vietnam et Etats-Unis : une nouvelle ère stratégique ?
Les relations entre Hanoi et Washington, ennemis d’hier, entrent dans une nouvelle ère. Au-delà du symbole, l’enjeu est la redéfinition des rapports de forces en Asie-Pacifique, avec la Chine au centre du jeu.
TPP set to devour Vietnamese livestock
TPP members such as the US, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Australia will undoubtedly swallow the livestock industry in one big gulp, Nguyen Duc Thanh, director of the Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research says, putting the livelihoods of 10 million Vietnamese family farmers at risk.
Chicken war with US shows free trade threat to Vietnamese farmers
Hanoi chicken farmer Nguyen Huu Tuyen blames inexpensive poultry imported from the US for the loss of almost $14,000 this year.
Financial Times reports on Vietnam-EU free trade deal
EU negotiators fear China will use Vietnam as a backdoor for cheap textile imports into the EU
Tariff cuts, exemptions for Vietnam-EU FTA clarified
The European Union (EU) will remove 85.6% of tariff lines for Vietnam’s goods exports immediately after a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) between the two sides comes into force.