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Coca-Cola CEO among execs urging investment treaty with China
It’s US firms that would stand to gain more under a treaty, US-China Business Council President John Frisbie has said.
Bachelet and Merkel push for "upgrade" to EU-Chile trade pact
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet got encouragement from Germany’s Angela Merkel on Monday for her push to update Chile’s free-trade pact with the European Union and improve conditions for foreign investment.
Launch of tripartite FTA scheduled for December
Three of Africa’s regional economic communities have agreed to launch the long-awaited Tripartite Free Trade Area at a joint summit of leaders from the regional groups scheduled for December in Egypt, APA learnt here Monday.
EU set to further strengthen trade ties with Asean
In line with the recently concluded EU-Singapore free trade agreement and reflecting the growing importance of Asean as an economic entity, the EU-Asean Business Council (EU-ABC) today formally announced its constitution as an independent body.
AMA wants assurance TPP deal won’t push up medicine prices
The Australian Medical Association (AMA) wants assurances that a Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal will not push up medicine prices.
Fair trade group slams possible shameful trade-offs and calls for release of TPP text
AFTINET statement on TPP ministerial declaration demanding draft text should be released and full TPP text should be released before it is signed so that Australians can judge for themselves.
Anti-TTIP Front (Malta) condemns government for supporting free trade proposal
Social Europe: Front Against TTIP (Malta) has condemned the government for supporting the proposed Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership while discussions on the free trade agreement are still ongoing between the European Union and the United States.
Trade Minister Andrew Robb lashes out at free trade scaremongering
Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb lashed out at consumer groups and the Greens for spreading misinformation about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, before walking into a meeting with 11 trade counterparts in Sydney on Saturday to finalise the "basic elements" of the deal.
#StopFastTrack of TPP: National Week of Action
Join the US week of action on 8-14 November against "Fast Track" trade authority and the push for the TransPacific Partnership. Here’s how.
TPP International Action Day November 8, Sydney and other cities
The Leaders of the 12 TPP countries want to announce the outlines of an agreement on November 11. Actions are being organised in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and in TPP countries around the globe. Please join.
Jokowi asked to review international economic agreements
An Indonesia economist asks President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to review all agreements on economic cooperation with other countries especially with Japan.
Why you should join the TPPA Action on 8 November
On 8 November 2014, thousands of Kiwis will take part in the International Day of Action to protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). The rally cry for us is TPPA – Corporate Trap, Kiwis Fight Back.
UK: Poultry sector raise safety concerns over TTIP
Members of the UK poultry industry are concerned that trade negotiations under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and US could undermine food safety.
Member states warn Juncker against ISDS concessions
As Juncker gives reassurances to the European Parliament over free trade with the US, 14 member states are urging him to stick to the script.
Australia shouldn’t sacrifice food safety standards for free trade
While Australia’s current regulations are not perfect, it is important that any discussions about reforming them are conducted with an eye first and foremost on the health and safety of Australians, and are not unduly influenced by trade concerns.
US-EU trade deal could raise global standards, German Minister says
Countries like China would need meet the new standards of what would be the largest free-trade zone in the world, German Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel said Wednesday in Washington.
First Nations puts China on notice over Canada-China FIPA
Both the Hupacasath First Nation and the Onihcikiskwapowin have sent letters to the Premier of China stating that they do not recognise the bilateral investment treaty signed between Canada and China.
Does CETA offer any real value to Canadian farmers?
There is, at best, no gain for Canadian farmers in CETA, explains the president of the National Farmers Union
China for quick signing of Bippa with Nepal: Gautam
China has proposed Nepal to sign a Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (Bippa) during Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bamdev Gautam’s visit to the northern neighbour.
India gains little from FTAs on services front
If you thought India’s services trade agreement with Asean is going to open the doors for Indian professionals to work in the 10-member trading bloc, you may be in for a surprise. Similar agreements with Japan and South Korea — which the government said will help Indian nurses, architects and even yoga professionals have not resulted in any visas.