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Uruguay confirms willingness to reach free-trade deal with China
Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez confirmed his country’s willingness to pursue a free-trade agreement (FTA) with China.
Call for Govt to help our neighbours negotiate for life-saving medicines
The Public Health Association (PHA) is asking the NZ government to step in and help our neighbouring countries negotiate better deals for life-saving medicines.
Belgium cannot sign CETA, PM Michel admits
Belgium is not able to sign off on a landmark EU-Canada free trade deal after Wallonia and other regional administrations refused to give the federal government the go-ahead
Tigran Sargsyan’s visit to Beijing: new impetus to "conjugation" of the EAEU and the SREB
Work is under way on forming a broad economic partnership on the basis of the EAEA and the Chinese initiative of the Silk Road Economic Belt.
Hazards ahead for TiSA talks
The odds of the Trade in Services Agreement wrapping up by year’s end have grown longer after a mini ministerial meeting revealed a number of issues remain far from resolved
Civil society urges EU leaders to protect citizens’ data in trade agreements
“EU leaders must protect individuals’ personal information and privacy. The best way to do this is by not including data flows in trade agreements.”
VN-EAEU FTA slashes import taxes
Import tax rate of 4,959 tariff lines dropped to zero from October 5, 2016, the date the Việt Nam-EAEU FTA came into effect, until December 31, 2017.
Canada to India: Tighten investment protection norms in new model treaty
New Delhi examining whether dispute settlement mechanism can be tweaked
S. Korea, Central America to begin 7th round of FTA negotiations
South Korea kicks off another round of free trade negotiations with six Central American countries in Seoul.
Korean workers launch major wave of strikes, winning international support
US unions might use the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement, which includes a clause designed to protect labor rights, to assist their Korean allies striking against government “reform” proposals that would make it easier for employers to fire workers, weaken seniority protections won through collective bargaining and privatize some state-owned industries.
EU, Canada to decide Monday on trade pact signing summit
The European Union and Canada will decide on Monday whether to gather for a summit later this week to sign the imperilled CETA trade pact, a European source told AFP.
The EU-Canada Joint Interpretive Declaration on the CETA
For eight reasons, Gus Van Harten argues that the Declaration does very little to alleviate key concerns arising from the CETA’s proposed special rights and privileges for foreign investors
Canada-EU trade talks collapse in Wallonia as profoundly ‘disappointed’ Freeland walks out
Last-minute talks between Canada and the European Union to salvage a landmark free trade deal have failed, Canada’s International Trade Minister confirmed in an emotional statement to the media as she walked out of the negotiations in Belgium today.
Borissov: In CETA deal, Canada lifts visa requirements for Bulgarians, Romanians from December 1 2017
Bulgaria and Romania withdrew their objections to the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) after getting written assurances from Ottawa that Canada will remove visa requirements for Bulgarian and Romanian citizens from December 1 2017
India to US: Will not tighten IPR rules beyond TRIPS mandate
India and the US continued to differ on the issue of intellectual property rights (IPR) norms in their bilateral trade and investment policy discussions
Repercussions in Colombia of the free trade agreement with the European Union
Various points of interest emerged during the discussions around the negotiation and ratification of this Free Trade Agreement (FTA), and after three years of its provisional implementation, it is a good time to revisit these issues.
Pak-China key trade talks next month
Pakistan and China will make another attempt next month (November) to strike an agreement over the second phase of duty reduction under the free trade agreement (FTA), which is under consideration since 2011.
Building a treaty on human rights and TNCs
Proposal from the global campaign to reclaim peoples power, dismantle corporate power and stop impunity.
TDM Special Issue on Int’l Arbitration involving Commercial and Investment Disputes in Africa
This Special Issue presents diverse views on a number of salient topics affecting international arbitration involving the African continent.
New feud may set back Japan’s TPP vote
Japan’s parliamentary debate on the Trans-Pacific Partnership turned into a shouting match after the agriculture minister suggested the ruling coalition force a vote on the US-led trade deal, with the rancor threatening the government’s timetable for ratification.