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Alphachat podcast: Joe Stiglitz on minimum wage, monetary policy, TPP and more
Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize-winning economist, discusses TPP.
New Zealand: nationwide actions protest controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership
Thousands of protesters across New Zealand are ringing the alarm on the TPP, saying it is far from a standard trade agreement and could threaten the sovereignty of countries that sign it.
[Planet Money] Trade deal confidential
Right now hundreds of trade negotiators are preparing for battle over the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP. The text of that agreement is locked in a top-secret room in the basement of the Capitol and won’t be released to the public until the deal is done.
Chinese dairy farmers upset with Australian free trade agreement
Chinese dairy farmers fear their government is sacrificing the local industry to promote trade with Australia.
Company vs country
Resistance is mounting against the booming and lucrative business of multinational companies suing governments.
Where are the TPP negotiations up to?
Discussion with Susan Sell, Matthew Rimmer and Jane Kelsey
ISDS: The devil in the trade deal
A common provision allowing foreign investors to sue host governments has become a ticking time bomb inside trade agreements. Some countries are now refusing to agree to the provision and are questioning its legal legitimacy. Jess Hill investigates.
Anti-TTIP protests take place across the UK
Thousands of people across Britain on Saturday protested against the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and US.
Mexico is waging war against American apples
Mexico’s apple industry is the latest victim of NAFTA — and trying to fight back.
Taiwan’s students head to the streets with sunflowers to protest closer ties with China
The students call their protest against the China-Taiwan trade agreement "the sunflower revolution" as the flower is a symbol of hope. Some professors have moved classes to the demonstrations sites themselves.
Grains Council pushing TTIP negotiators on EU biotech barriers
US Grains Council leaders are pushing Trans Atlantic free trade negotiators to keep the European Union from slowing biotechnology approval
Europe tells US to lay off Brie and get its own cheese names
The European Union wants US food makers to stop using names with historical ties to Europe. But what else would you call, say, Parmesan or Brie?
A Canadian court is allowing Ecuadorians to pursue their long-running pollution suit against Chevron
Last month, a judge ruled that the Ecuadorians can pursue their case against Chevron in Canada.
Debate over proposed global trade agreements
The pros and cons of two trade agreements in the works, TPP and TTIP, from a US perspective.
Leaks confirm fears about Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement
In mid-November, Wikileaks released the secret draft text for the Intellectual Property Rights Chapter of the TPP. Stuart Trew talks about what this leak tells us about the agreement as a whole.
Indonesia could stall trade negotiations
There are fears Indonesia could stall the trade negotiations with Australia because of the diplomatic run-in between Jakarta and Canberra.
Farmers’ strike in Colombia highlights impact of free trade deal on local communities
Radio interview with Julia Duranti, with Witness for Peace. The group works in some of the hardest-hit regions for farmers in Colombia.
Association Agreement between EU and Central America enters into effect after ratification by El Salvador
With the recent ratification by the Salvadorean members of the House of Representatives, the Association Agreement between Central America and the European Union (EU) will enter into effect on August 1st. The agreement has been strongly rejected by social organizations.
Australian-US alliance a factor in Chinese investment decisions
The growing size and value of China’s investments in Australia makes the case for a bilateral investment treaty increasingly urgent, according to a leading China expert.
Wisconsin group asks Obama to nix Pacific free trade agreement
A Wisconsin advocacy group says the state has lost thousands of jobs due to free trade agreements and is now pressuring President Obama to oppose a new agreement that would take down trade barriers between the United States and countries around the Pacific Rim.