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Chile, Thailand conclude second round of FTA negotiations
Chile and Thailand on Thursday concluded here the second round of negotiations on a free trade agreement (FTA).
Deals with Peru, Chile progressing
The delayed free-trade area agreement between Thailand and Peru is likely to take effect in November, while an FTA with Chile should be concluded by mid-2012, says the Commerce Ministry.
The Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement: a Latin American perspective
The TPP negotiations offer both Chile and Peru little in terms of improved market access, as well as risks such as having to make new concessions in sensitive areas like intellectual property and investment.
Chile-Turkey free trade agreement takes effect
The Chile-Turkey Free Trade Agreement (FTA) became effective Tuesday, with 98 percent of bilateral trade now tax-free and the rest to follow suit within six years.
TPP - Chile IPR proposal (2011)
Nicaragua joins Chile-Central America FTA
Nicaragua joined on Tuesday the Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Central America, seeking to promote exports bound for the South American country.
Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador discuss progress of free trade area initiative
Trade ministers of Peru, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador will meet next month to monitor progress of Peru’s initiative to create a free trade area between the four Pacific nations
Chile signs free-trade agreement with Malaysia, starts talks with Thailand
During a gathering of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation nations, Chile inked a free-trade agreement with Malaysia, the first signed under the administration of President Sebastian Pinera, and started talks with Thailand for a similar agreement.
Negotiations over FTA with Vietnam advance
Government representatives from Chile and Vietnam have concluded the seventh round of negotiations for signing the Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Malaysia signs FTA with Chile, its first with Latin America
Malaysia and Chile signed the Malaysia-Chile Free Trade Agreement (MCFTA) today, marking Malaysia’s first bilateral FTA with a Latin American country.
Vietnam, Chile explore potential for bilateral ties
Chile and Vietnam envisage enormous potential to strengthen their bilateral ties, especially in economics and trade, affirmed the newly-appointed Chilean Ambassador to Vietnam.
Chile moves closer to sealing trade agreement with India
Chile is a step closer to sealing a free-trade agreement with India, the remaining economic superpower it has yet to sign one with.
Chile moves toward free trade agreement with Persian Gulf
Chile took another step toward developing a free trade agreement with Arab nations of the Persian Gulf, as the Chilean president and Kuwait’s prime minister signed several diplomatic and economic agreements Tuesday.
Thai cabinet approves draft of free trade agreement with Chile
The draft will be proposed for the approval of parliament before negotiations kick off.
FTA deal with Chile to be sealed soon
Malaysia is close to finalising its first Free Trade Area (FTA) deal with Chile and the Latin American leader plans to sign it during a visit to Kuala Lumpur.
Leaders of S. Korea, Chile agree to improve ties through FTA revision
South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and visiting Chilean President Michelle Bachelet agreed Wednesday to revise a free trade agreement (FTA) between their countries to reflect changed conditions since the deal was signed five years ago.
Quiborax claim against Bolivia continues; may provide first decision on effects of ICSID exit
Chilean Química e Industrial del Bórax Ltd. (“Quiborax”) will continue with its claim against Bolivia at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Dispute (“ICSID”), despite reports of a settlement agreement and Bolivia’s renunciation of the ICSID convention. The case will likely shed the first light as to the effects of renouncing the ICSID Convention, a controversial topic over which no tribunal has yet to rule.
Chile asks for revision of FTA
Chile has asked for a revision of the Korea-Chile free trade agreement, the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said on Sunday. Chile wants Korea to open its agricultural market wider.
US trade deals open markets – GAO
The US Government Accountability Office says bilateral free trade agreements signed by the United States work: they deliver new market opportunities for America’s agriculture sector.
Chile, Malaysia begin fresh FTA talks
Chile and Malaysia on Monday began a 6th round of negotiations for a bilateral free trade agreement, which is expected to be signed this year.