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Peru, EU to sign FTA on June 26 in Brussels
Peru’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Jose Luis Silva announced Thursday that the Multipartite Trade Agreement between the European Union, Peru and Colombia, known as Free Trade Agreement (FTA), will be signed on June 26 in Brussels, Belgium.
Colombia-EU FTA will pass before July: Minister
Colombia’s trade minister announced Thursday that the free trade agreement with the European Union would be finalized June 26.
EU-Colombia-Peru FTA Criticized
The director of the weekly newspaper Voz, organ of the Colombian Communist Party, Carlos Lozano, described the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) recently signed between the European Union (EU) and Colombia as "very negative".
Two suits challenge copyright law under US-Colombia FTA
Colombia’s Constitutional Court will hear two suits challenging the new copyright law under the country’s free trade agreement with the United States, local media reported Tuesday.
EU ministers approve free trade deal with Colombia & Peru
European Union trade ministers Thursday approved the signing and provisional application of a multipartite free trade agreement with Colombia and Peru.
USA-Colombia Free Trade Agreement worries poultry producers
The Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and the USA is going through, freeing Colombian exports from Washington politics. Colombian poultry producers appear to have pulled the wrong straw, however.
South Korea, Colombia close to striking FTA: trade officials
Trade officials in Seoul indicated yesterday that South Korea and Colombia will soon conclude a free trade agreement (FTA).
Canadian human rights report on Colombia a ’sick joke’
The Canadian government’s human rights report tabled in Parliament Tuesday regarding implementation of the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement might as well have been a comic strip of three monkeys: "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."
Human rights report on Colombia panned as ’whitewash’
Canada’s free trade deal with Colombia is again threatening to explode into controversy after the Conservative government released a report this week that was supposed to detail the agreement’s impact on Colombia’s human rights situation — but didn’t.
Colombia-US: Trade deal "Throws country into jaws of multinationals," critics say
The entry into force of Colombia’s free trade agreement with the United States was met by student protests and opposition from a segment of the business community, small farmers, and trade unionists.
China calls for early start of free trade agreement negotiations with Colombia
China on Thursday called for an early launch of negotiations on a free trade agreement with Colombia.
Tropieza el TLC con Corea
La intención gubernamental era finalizar la negociación comercial con Corea, el principal aliado estratégico de Colombia en Asia, meta que al parecer se frustró por razones estratégicas y técnicas.
’Gringo superpigs’ threaten Colombia’s pork trade: Report
The new FTA with the U.S. will bring "gringo superpigs" to Colombia, threatening the country’s domestic pork trade, newspaper Diario Del Huila claimed Wednesday.
Labor action and inaction in Colombia free trade deal
As the media swarmed over the scandal surrounding the Secret Service’s alleged carousing with prostitutes in Colombia, another questionable financial transaction slipped quietly through the backdoor of hemispheric diplomacy.
Costa Rica to Start Trade Talks With Korea, Colombia in 2012
Costa Rica plans to start negotiating free trade agreements with South Korea and Colombia this year and complete an accord with members of the European Free Trade Area by October, the country’s trade minister said.
Obama approves Colombia FTA —despite continued anti-labor violence
At the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, US President Barack Obama announced approval of Colombia’s supposed progress in protecting labor rights, allowing the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement to take effect next month. US trade representative Ron Kirk said at a Cartagena press conference that the agreement provides "an opportunity to help stand up for the rights of workers... This is a significant milestone."
Colombian agriculture concerned about FTA
May 15, 2012 has been the date set for the start of the Colombia–US Free Trade Agreement. While the US agribusiness sector is very pleased, the Colombian sector is less so, writes ThePigSite.
Obama certifies Colombia labor plan, clearing trade pact
President Barack Obama certified Colombia’s labor protection efforts, allowing both sides to put the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement into effect May 15.
AFL-CIO declaration issued to re-examine Colombia FTA on worker rights
The United Steelworkers, the AFL-CIO and the Colombia labor movement firmly believes the US pronouncement that Colombia has complied with the Labor Action Plan — a move which will allow for implementation of the Free Trade Agreement starting next month — is premature as unionists continue to be killed in Colombia at a rate of 30 slain in 2011, and six already this year.
Fargo company to benefit from Colombia trade agreement
No one is more excited about the new US free trade agreement with Colombia than some of North Dakota’s local ag and aviation companies.