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EU-Japan deal: trading away our rights
Imagine the EU finds a new chemical to be dangerous. The EU would like to ban it but is unable to, or is only able to do so with major delays and laxer standards….
THAAD reprisals undermine China FTA
China has shown no hesitation in disregarding its obligations under the free trade agreement with South Korea to take retaliatory measures against the deployment of a US missile defense system in the peninsula, say Korean media
May seeks to preserve gains from EU-Japan trade deal for UK
Prime Minister Theresa May said she’s keen for the UK to keep any benefits from a potential trade deal between the European Union and Japan after its scheduled departure from the bloc in March 2019.
Spur self-sustaining development of Africa via more Japanese investment
Japan intends to conclude new bilateral investment treaties with 13 countries, including Algeria and Morocco.
Japan has shot down Theresa May’s hopes for a quick trade deal after Brexit
Japan is currently in talks with the EU about a free trade agreement and has no intention of rushing that negotiation to satisfy the wishes of UK government, the Financial Times reports.
To prevent influx of imports hurting Indian steelmakers, Centre set to raise this shield
India’s steel ministry wants to protect the local steel industry from influx of imports under the proposed RCEP deal
USTR raises concerns about Japan’s safeguard tariffs on US beef
U.S. Trade Representative Lighthizer and Japanese Foreign Minister Kono agreed to accelerate bilateral discussions as a way of strengthening free and “fair” trade
Mexico talks trade deals with Japan
Officials from Mexico and Japan have met to discuss deepening trade ties between the two countries.
Mexican minister supports Japan’s leadership in achieving TPP without US
Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray pledged Monday that his country will bolster cooperation with Japan to achieve a Pacific Rim free trade pact without the United States, praising Tokyo’s leadership in realizing the deal.
Japan’s beef tariff increase may spark trade war
The US National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says the increased tariff on beef imports to Japan underscores the “urgent need” for a bilateral trade agreement between Japan and the United States.
Japan ups tariffs on US beef, giving Aussie meat the edge
Australia’s beef industry has been buoyed today by news that Japan is likely to announce it will dramatically increase tariffs on US beef imports.
The king is dead, long live the king: the EU and the future of investor-state dispute settlement
The data lead to the inexorable conclusion that the European Commission’s declaration that “investment treaty arbitration is dead” is wrong by a ratio of over 1:3,000.
EU-Japan FTA - draft chapters (July 2017)
19 draft chapters, as released by the European Commission
Japan to host TPP Pacific Rim trade pact talks, minus the US
Japanese officials say they are hoping the TPP talks will get a boost from the Economic Partnership Agreement reached with the EU.
Fumbling towards multilateralism? A first read of the investment text in the Japan-EU FTA
The EU and Japan seemed to have scrapped the classic BIT/investor protection architecture as a model.
Dairy industry likely to get more aid after EPA deal with EU
Japan is expected to boost subsidies and other assistance to dairy farmers after reaching a broad accord on its economic partnership agreement with the European Union.
Japan sacrificed cheese tariffs to get EPA done with EU
Japan and the European Union have reached a broad consensus on an Economic Partnership Agreement. How will tariffs change under the agreement?
Bilateral agreements: Where’s the US?
National Pork Producers have let the administration know that the U.S. should focus on the Asian-Pacific area, starting with Japan.
EU and Japan FTA to boost beef and pork sales
The EU meat industry is quite pleased with the agreement in principle between EU and Japan, on the basis of the preliminary outcomes for beef and pork.
EU and Japan promise to commit to free trade deal
The political deal does not mean the pair are yet close to agreeing a full trade treaty. Talks have been ongoing for four years and tough further discussion can be expected.