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Maldives Minister says India seeking a free trade deal with island nation
Maldivian Minister Mohamed Saeed has said that India has initiated efforts to create a Free Trade Agreement with the island nation, and discussions on the same are ongoing.
Negotiations on Maldives-UK free trade agreement to commence
The government of Maldives has welcomed the announcement by the government of the United Kingdom, to commence negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement between the two countries.
The FTA being put on hold worries the Chinese enterprises that intend to do businesses in Maldives
The fact that the China-Maldives Free Trade Agreement has not come into effect causes worries for the Chinese enterprises that intend to do businesses in Maldives, has stated the Chines Ambassador to Maldives.
State to review FTA with China before implementation: Minister Fayyaz
Maldives Minister of Economic Development Fayyaz Ismail, asserted the incumbent administrations intention to review the free trade agreement signed with China during the presidency of Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.
Ex-pres did not wish to implement China-Maldives FTA, claims Nasheed
Former President of the Maldives, and Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has stated that former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom did not want to implement the Free Trade Agreement between Maldives and China.
Chinese envoy in Maldives pushes back on ‘debt trap,’ free trade agreement concerns
The Chinese envoy rejected the characterization of a 2017 free trade agreement between Male and Beijing by the incumbent speaker of the house and former president.
Maldives to not proceed with free trade agreement with China
Indicating a toughening of its stance against Beijing, Maldivian Parliament’s Speaker categorically rejected that the archipelago will sign a trade agreement with China.
Nasheed hints move to scrap China FTA
The Maldives government could pull out of the free trade agreement with China, former president and Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has hinted.
Maldives ruling party pledges probe into Chinese deals after landslide win
Maldives former president Mohamed Nasheed, whose party won a landslide in the archipelago’s parliamentary election, on Tuesday pledged to conduct a thorough probe into deals with China.
Fate of Maldives-China FTA uncertain as Male loosens ties with Beijing
The Maldives-China Free Trade Agreement (MCFTA) is in limbo as the new Maldivian government is looking into all deals, including the MCFTA, entered into by the previous regime.
Maldives’s debt to China creates difficulties for Solih
The Maldives incurred huge debts and the amount owed to China is still being assessed given that the pitfalls of China’s influence over the Maldivian economy.
Maldives committed to protect foreign investment: President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
A bilateral investment protection agreement is expected to be signed between India and the Maldives.
Maldives financially devastated by BRI
New Maldives President offered the opportunity for India to revive relations with the Maldives after former government deepened cooperation under the Belt and Road initiative and signed the China-Maldives free trade agreement.
Maldives set to pull out of China free trade deal, says senior lawmaker
The Maldives’ new government will pull out of a free trade agreement with China because it was a mistake for the tiny nation to strike such a pact with the world’s second biggest economy, the head of the largest party in the ruling alliance said.
Maldives feels the weight of China’s regional ambitions
Even before China and the Maldives last month signed the FTA in question, the paradisaic archipelago’s increasing economic dependence on China was raising red flags.
Nasheed accuses China of land grab in Maldives
The land grab was happening because of a Free Trade Agreement, Special Economic Zones and an amendment to the Constitution authorising foreign ownership of land or freeholds.
Delhi, Male set to reboot bilateral ties
Maldivian Foreign Minister’s visit signals possible thaw in ties strained over FTA with China.
China forces Maldives to sign ’Beijing-driven’ Free Trade Agreement
The Maldives prez rushed into the agreement without following legal norms which created considerable anti-China sentiments among his people.
Why is the FTA between China and Maldives important to India?
Now that the agreement has been signed between China and Maldives, India has said it expected the Indian Ocean archipelago nation to be sensitive to New Delhi’s concerns.
Maldives ’open doors’ in 64 fields for China
The controversial China-Maldives free trade agreement (FTA) is expected to open the doors of trade in 64 different fields in Maldives for China while the Asian monolith will open trade doors in 98 fields to Maldives.