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I am an artist and I want to stop TTIP
Artists Against TTIP wants to work with actors, writers and directors to make films that help more and more people understand what TTIP is - and how toxic it is to our health, our environment and our democracy.
This secret UK-Eurotunnel tribunal reveals something disturbing about refugees and TTIP
Other infamous examples of ISDS include Philip Morris, the tobacco giant, suing the Australian government for introducing plain cigarette packaging
Anger as government blocks TTIP legal documents relating to health service
Business secretary refuses to disclose advice that could show how private health firms might sue government under US-Europe trade deal.
Here is how TTIP threatens small businesses in the UK
As 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year I am firmly against TTIP and the strain it will place on home grown business owners.
UK businesses say “no” to EU-US trade deal
Leading UK business owners launched Business Against TTIP - a business-led initiative and response to the serious dangers posed to UK businesses by a new EU-US trade deal.
Why we should all be worried about our BITs – or at least what foreign investors are doing with them
Britain’s role, not just with TTIP, seems to be that of facilitating and encouraging excessive corporate power over governments all around the world.
Death on a plate: TTIP, meat inspections and your food
’Death on a plate: TTIP, meat inspections and your food’ features the testimony of a mother whose daughter died from eating contaminated meat and comments by a government meat inspector and others in the food industry.
India should press for separate FTA with UK as deal with EU remains in limbo: Assocham
As negotiations for a Broad-Based Bilateral Trade and Investment Agreement with the European Union is heading nowhere, India should press for a separate Free Trade Agreement with Britain
U.S. trade czar says Britain would lose on trade outside the EU
The United States is not keen on pursuing a separate free trade deal with Britain if it leaves the European Union
UK Court refers Western Sahara imports case to EU Court
In refering the case on the questionable legality of UK imports from Western Saharan products to the European Court of Justice, the UK Judge stated that "there is an arguable case of a manifest error by the [European] Commission in understanding and applying international law relevant to these agreements.”
All 56 SNP MPs sign motion expressing major concerns about TTIP
Campaigners against the big-business deal TTIP have welcomed the signing of a Commons motion raising major concerns about it by all 56 SNP MPs.
Local councils tearing strips off TTIP
Politicians in both Brussels and Westminster have taken great pains to try and brush off people’s many concerns about the toxic trade deal being pushed through by the EU and the United States.
Warning: TTIP could be hazardous to your health
In the case of TTIP, the Faculty of Public Health has identified numerous risks to public health and potential conflicts with the policies called for in its recent manifesto.
Local councils are starting to tear strips off TTIP
In the UK and across Europe, TTIP Free Zones are popping up like people power mushrooms.
10,000 emails sent to Bolton Euro MP about trade agreement which could see American firms providing health and transport services in UK
North West MEP Afzal Khan says he has received more than 10,000 emails from constituents concerned about the proposed trade agreement between the United States and the European Unions.
The perfect pinta vs. the TTIP trade tanker
Britain’s dairy farmers have been having a hard time largely thanks to their exposure to an unregulated, unstable, global food market.
TTIP protest takes to the streets
Healthcare protesters People’s NHS Wales lined several streets in Haverfordwest with placards in their latest bid to highlight concerns over what the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could mean for our health service.
UK and France paid 24m euros in Calais migrants ISDS case
A spokesperson for the company Eurotunnel has revealed that the UK and French governments were required by a private arbitration tribunal to pay out nearly 24 million euros for failing to provide adequate security around the entrance to the Channel Tunnel between 1999 and 2002.
India rejects Cairn’s arbitration on tax dispute
The government of India has rejected Cairn Energy UK’s plea for an arbitration over Rs 10,247-crore tax dispute saying taxation is not covered under the UK-India Investment Promotion and Protection Treaty.
Cut NHS from trade deal say doctors
Doctors attending the British Medical Association’s (BMA) annual representative meeting in Liverpool have voted overwhelmingly to urge the Government to remove health and social care services from a controversial trade agreement between the EU and US