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Investment treaties and the internal vetting of regulatory proposals: a case study from Canada
The study focused on whether ISDS contributed to changes in internal vetting of government decisions related to environmental protection in the province of Ontario, Canada.
PACER-Plus renders weak protections for Pacific businesses
PACER-Plus is shaping up as an agreement that won’t fit into the Pacific reality, will have weak protections for Pacific businesses and undermines the ability of governments to enact policies to support and nurture vital Pacific industries.
Canada and Mexico win trade ruling over US livestock law
Canada and Mexico have won a trade victory over US law requiring country of origin labelling on beef and pork.
There is no EU solution to climate change as long as TTIP exists
The European Union has been caught trying to undermine any meaningful outcome from the UN climate talks in Paris.
New Zealand, Australia ready to accelerate trade talks with the EU, ditch ISDS
The EU has agreed to launch negotiations with New Zealand and Australia. The two countries are ready to speed up talks, and reach a deal in a reasonable timeframe.
South American presidents ‘confident’ of EU trade deal
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and her Argentinian counterpart, Mauricio Macri, have expressed confidence that the EU is committed to brokering a trade agreement with Mercosur.
African Union puts India’s free trade pact proposal on hold
New Delhi to explore potential trade pacts with individual countries.
Indonesia ramps up termination of BITs – and kills survival clause in one such treaty – but faces new $600 mil. claim from Indian mining investor
The Republic of Indonesia has made good on an earlier promise to begin phasing out some of its 67 odd bilateral investment treaties.
PACER Plus bad for business
New brief says Regional trade agreement bad for business.
New TTIP ‘transparency’ agenda still leaves public in the dark
The Brussels deal, a product of intense public pressure, is wholly undermined by the fact that MEPs will still face draconian secrecy measures.
Regional Integration after the Failure of the Free Trade Area of the Americas
All Latin American countries talk about integration but concrete steps in the direction of achieving it are far more difficult than simple declarations.
Muammar Gaddafi’s personal jet grounded in France: from the heights of luxury to a barbed-wire limbo
The Airbus sits abandoned on the edge of an airport in south-west France, while a legal battle rages over its ownership.
Call to action: Protect human rights, Stop TPP! on Dec10
Join the action on 10 December 2015, International Human Rights Day
Pakatan Harapan MPs seek AG’s advice on constitutionality of TPPA agreement
Four lawmakers today wrote a letter to the Attorney-General seeking clarification whether the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism under the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is in line with the spirit of the Federal Constitution.
EPA deal: Why manufacturers are kicking
The EU is promoting the deal to boost its trade and expand its investment in the country. But, manufacturers are opposed to the deal’s endorsement.
South Africa: government signs twenty-six agreements worth R94 billion with China
More than twenty agreements signed as President Zuma hosts President Xi Jinping on a State Visit.
Why we should all be worried about our BITs – or at least what foreign investors are doing with them
Britain’s role, not just with TTIP, seems to be that of facilitating and encouraging excessive corporate power over governments all around the world.
ISDS in ChAFTA - where’s the beef?
A guide to ISDS in the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: A hollow promise or an answer to ISDS’ critics?
All MEPs to have access to all confidential TTIP documents
All Members of the European Parliament will have access to all categories of confidential documents relating to the EU’s Transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) talks with the USA.
EU and Vietnam rubber stamp free trade deal
The EU and Vietnam ticked the last box for a free trade agreement on Wednesday (2 December) after roughly three years of negotiations.