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Spain: Partnership agreement between EU and SADC rejected
The Joint Parliamentary Group has presented a non-legislative motion at the Parliament, urging the Government not to ratify the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the EU and the Southern African Development Community.
‘Strange’ manoeuvering over CETA exposes democratic deficit
French lawmakers are continuing their battle against the EU’s free trade deal with Canada (CETA).
Commission faces EU court battle over secret TTIP documents
The European Commission faces an EU court battle to keep secret its lawyers’ analysis on whether the controversial investor-state-dispute (ISDS) clause in draft trade deals with the USA and Canada is illegal.
Is Argentina looking for reconciliation with ISDS?
In a quite short period the new government, led by the recently elected President Mauricio Macri, has turned around its foreign policy and alignments.
Push for trade pact will polarise BRICS nations, warns S. Africa
An immediate push for a BRICS Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will polarise heavily-industrialised and lesser-industrialised nations within the five-member grouping, warned South African trade and industry minister.
TiSA - draft annex on localisation provisions (June 2016)
As leaked by WikiLeaks
TiSA - draft annex on financial services (27 June 2016)
As leaked by WikiLeaks
German Court on CETA: Important success for our democratic rights!
The Germany’s Constitutional Court’s decision on CETA is an important success in the fight against the EU’s free trade machinery
Belgian local parliament votes to block Canada trade deal
Members of the parliament of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels voted a resolution that could block the signing of the EU-Canada free trade deal, Ceta.
Backdoor for investor-state disputes in TiSA
There is a loophole that may allow private investors to bring a dispute against states.
Open letter to ambassadors (in India) of RCEP negotiating countries by Delhi Network of Positive People
Member countries must consider the impact of RCEP on access to medicines in developing countries
Australia, Singapore to sign updated free trade deal
Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who is in Canberra on a three-day visit to strengthen the ties with Australia, is set to sign the updated FTA.
Mercosur to consider trade deal with United Kingdom
The EU and South America’s Mercosur bloc could strike a free trade deal within two years. After Brexit, Mercosur would be open to a separate trade deal with the UK.
German court rejects emergency appeal to block EU-Canada trade deal
Germany’s Constitutional Court gave the green light for the government to approve an ambitious trade accord between the European Union and Canada under certain conditions.
European Commission paralysed over data flows in TiSA trade deal
European Commission officials have struck a deal that could put a clause guaranteeing international data flows into a trade agreement with 22 countries outside the bloc, including the United States and Australia.
Joint Interpretative Declaration on CETA: unpacking the “clarifications” on investment protection
The Joint Interpretative Declaration on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) reaffirms that investors can bypass the domestic court systems and will enjoy ample rights without any obligations.
Germany’s top court hears challenge to EU-Canada trade deal
Germany’s Constitutional Court began hearing a legal challenge to a planned EU-Canada free trade deal that could paralyze the accord.
Uruguay to sign free trade deal with China
Uruguay intends to strengthen its trade relations with China through a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
India trade talks heating up, but ex-envoy cautions: ‘we’ve been to the altar before’
The Liberals’ relative flexibility on investor-state dispute systems and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and an expected visit to India by the PM, may help to move talks along.