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Bilateral deal-making involving governments of Latin America, the US and Canada.

last update: May 2012

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US farm, food groups urge Congress to pass authority for new trade deals
More than 50 US agriculture and food groups urged Congress to approve new legislation enabling the United States to negotiate more free-trade agreements.
Advocates urge US not to offer ‘Big-Tech-favored terms’ in trade talks
Consumer advocates are urging the Biden administration to scrub language from a US trade proposal they say could undermine efforts to hold tech giants accountable for their privacy practices, according to a letter shared first with The Technology 202.
Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity is unlikely to expand trade
The APEP seeks to “foster regional economic integration,” but it does not include negotiation objectives on market access to eliminate tariffs, objectives similarly neglected by the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework..
Costa Rica and Ecuador sign trade agreement
The deal focuses on goods exports, plus facilitating discussions on best practices for gender-related issues in trade, workers’ rights, environmentalism and corporate responsibility.
US eyes trade deals with allies to ease clash over electric car subsidies
The Biden administration hopes to reach limited free trade agreements with countries in Europe and Asia that would not require congressional approval as it looks to ease allies’ concerns about its plans to bolster electric vehicle and battery production.
Colombia, Venezuela revive trade deal after 4-year suspension
The leaders of Colombia and Venezuela on Thursday renewed a trade deal that had been suspended for four years, in the latest rapprochement between the neighbors.
AFL-CIO wants bigger say in US digital trade deals for workers
The largest US labor organization issued a set of principles that it says is needed to protect workers, the public’s privacy and governments’ ability to regulate a rapidly evolving sector as the USTR negotiates digital trade agreements.
The Biden administration can only achieve its laudable “worker-centered” trade policy for the Americas by fixing the existing US trade deals with most prospective APEP partners and building on solid new foundations
For an APEP to deliver gains for the millions of citizens of American nations suffering from past corporate-rigged trade agreements, talks must fix parts of existing pacts that cause ongoing harm.
Free trade zone workers in Nicaragua are without rights
The entry into force in 2006 of the CAFTA-DR represented a notable boost to Nicaraguan exports of products made in companies that operate under the free trade zone regime, which required the hiring of a lot of labor.
US, Ecuador to discuss expansion of trade ties
The US and Ecuador have agreed to explore expanding a protocol on trade rules and transparency that went into effect in August 2021.


  • Americans For Free Trade
    A broad coalition of American businesses, trade organizations, and workers united against tariffs.
  • Americas Policy Program
    The Americas Program of the Center for International Policy is a leading source of information for activists, academics and citizens concerned about US foreign policy toward Latin America and movements for social justice within the hemisphere.
  • Biodiversidad en América Latina
  • Bloque Verde
    No hay ambiente para el TLC en Costa Rica
  • Citizens Trade Campaign - Bilateral Agreements
    The Citizens Trade Campaign is a US coalition of environmental, labor, consumer, family farm, religious, and other civil society groups founded in 1992 during the fight over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • Consejo de Investigaciones e Información en Desarrollo -CIID -
    Institución que impulsa el desarrollo de Guatemala y Centroamérica, a través de la investigación y la promoción de programas de desarrollo
  • Costa Rica Solidaria - NO al TLC
    Esta semana lo más relevante de nuestra lucha
  • Ecuador contra el TLC - Movilizaciones de Marzo 2006
  • GMA
    The Grocery Manufacturers of America is a major lobby group on US FTAs
  • LATN
    The Latin American Trade Network is an independent and interdisciplinary research network
  • Movimiento Cultura frente al TLC
    El Movimiento Cultura frente al TLC es un colectivo de artistas que viaja por las comunidades llevando música, teatro, poesía, danza, pintura y talleres, informando a l@s costarricenses sobre las graves consecuencias que tendría para nuestro país la aplicación del Tratado de "Libre" "Comercio" (TLC)
  • NFTC
    The National Foreign Trade Council is a US business organisation lobbying the US government on its foreign trade policy
  • Trrade for People and Planet
    We want trade deals to be democratic, to benefit working people and the environment. We need to revolutionize the trade model and create a new global economy based on collaboration and ecological well-being.
  • US State Department Office of Bilateral Trade Affairs
    The Office of Bilateral Trade Affairs ensures that the overall foreign policy goals of the U.S. Government are factored into the development of U.S. bilateral trade policy.
  • US-Japan Business Council
    USJBC has been pushing for a US-Japan FTA
  • USTR
  • USTR National Trade Estimate Report
    Annual assessment of obstacles to US trade interests in foreign countries