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Australian miners hail Peru trade talks
The Minerals Council of Australia has said that the country’s mining sector will benefit from the proposed new free trade agreement with Peru.
Australia to pursue free trade agreement with Peru
The Australian government confirmed it will be pursuing a free trade agreement with Peru, with the nation’s Trade Minister Steve Ciobo to visit Lima for the first round of negotiations in July.
PACER Plus signing on 14 June
The PACER Plus Trade Agreement will be signed by 14 Pacific Island countries including Australia and New Zealand on June 14 in Nuku’alofa, Tonga.
Australia to benefit from ‘TPP minus one’ free trade deal – MCA
The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) has welcomed the revival of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), saying Australia would stand to gain significant economic benefits from the regional trade agreement.
Pacific Alliance looks to Asia as NAFTA, TPP face uncertainty
Pacific Alliance countries are in talks to expand the trade bloc outside Latin America and into high-growth Asia as the future of established deals, such as NAFTA and the evolving Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), hang in the balance.
Australia to launch free trade agreement talks with Hong Kong
Access for white-collar services businesses will be the focus as talks begin over a free trade agreement between Australia and Hong Kong.
Tariffs on paper from Indonesia ’potentially lethal’ for free trade deal
Australia’s decision to impose tariffs on cheap paper imported from Indonesia could be "potentially lethal" for free trade negotiations.
Aus, NZ trying to corner India in Oceania
One of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s most insightful, if low key, foreign policy initiatives was to work to deepen relations with more than a dozen island nations of Oceania.
Australia-US free trade agreement leaves US companies in the lurch
The lack of a defined procedure under the AUSFTA is extremely prejudicial to U.S. companies and banks: chairman of APR Energy
New Pacific trade pact goes against the protectionist tide
But 14-nation deal may be largely symbolic without Fiji and Papua New Guinea.
Japan pitches idea of five-nation TPP: sources
An idea has emerged that the Trans-Pacific Partnership can take effect among at least five nations including Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
High Court the final authority? Think again
US mining company Nucoil is using a free trade agreement to put pressure on the Australian government to pay compensation over cancelled licences.
Barry Coates: PACER Plus – how the Pacific Way is being undermined
There were promises that the agreement would be for the benefit of the Pacific. But it has been shaped more by the advantages to Australia and New Zealand exporters than the aspirations of the Pacific’s people.
Australia to pursue FTA with China’s Hong Kong: trade minister
The Australian government has announced it will pursue a free trade agreement with Hong Kong in an attempt to secure further service export opportunities for Australian businesses.
PACER-Plus trade deal without PNG and Fiji a bad deal
PNG and Fiji’s rejection shows that the agreement is heavily skewed towards the interests of Australia and New Zealand - despite early rhetoric that the agreement was about development needs.
Australia wants TPP despite US exit: trade minister
Canberra sees benefits for smaller businesses, easier trade and investment.
Australia’s 457 visa decision likely to hit free-trade talks with India, officials hint
The Australian government’s decision to scrap a working visa used primarily by Indians is likely to set back efforts to secure a free-trade agreement between the two countries.
Australia looking to expand trade with Japan
Australia is seeking to progress the implementation of its free trade agreement with Japan, Trade Minister Steven Ciobo has said.
Having a good look at proposed FTA with India: Australia
Australian trade minister said India’s asking goes well beyond anything that Australia has done, in terms of any FTAs put in place, and Australia is not willing to go to that extent.
Australia and India keen on timely conclusion of RCEP
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Malcom Turnbull, the two countries expressed their keenness to secure a timely conclusion of a high-quality RCEP