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ACEA: Automobile industry calls for balanced outcome in EU-Japan FTA
Ahead of a possible bilateral EU-Japan summit to conclude negotiations on a free trade agreement, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) calls on negotiators to ensure a balanced outcome for the European automobile sector.
EU leans toward big concession on autoparts trade with Japan
Brussels wants Japanese farm products on the chopping board in return.
Japan, EU make final push for trade pact
Agricultural tariffs crucial as parties seek quick action on megadeal.
North American carmakers want rules of origin in NAFTA left untouched - Mexico lobby
The auto industries of the United States, Canada and Mexico agree there should be no changes to rules of origin in the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Mexico, looking south, sees trade deal with Argentina around year’s end
Mexico, seeking closer ties with the rest of Latin America, expects to finish negotiations on a trade deal with Argentina involving cars and agricultural products around the end of the year.
EU-Mercosur FTA - draft annex on motor vehicles and equipment and parts thereof (EU proposal, Apr 2017)
As released by the European Commission
EU suppliers push for Mercosur trade deal
The election of Donald Trump to the presidency in the U.S. and its potential impact on EU-U.S. trade talks has made the Mercosur negotiations that entered a new round this week a high priority for the European Commission.
Turkey links FTA to market access for auto sector
Turkey has linked finalisation of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with market access for Turkish auto sector in Pakistan.
Trump ups ante on Japan trade, using cars as bargaining chip
Tokyo taking cautious approach on bilateral negotiations
Japan seeks to speed up free trade talks with EU this year
The aim is to achieve such an agreement as early as possible, before 2017 ends.
Pakistan, Thailand: PAAPAM expresses concern over inclusion of auto sector in FTA
Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) expressed concerns on the government’s proposal to include the auto sector in the FTA between Pakistan and Thailand.
Asean integration at the end of 2016
The launch of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) in December 2015 was a milestone for Asean economic integration, which is, however, an ongoing process.
Auto vendors concerned about FTA with Thailand
Auto vendors have shown their discomfort over the ongoing negotiations regarding the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Pakistan and Thailand.
European car distributors seek tariff concession under FTA
European car distributors are asking the government to seek tariff concession for automotive under the planned Europe-Philippines free trade agreement (FTA).
TPP will have negative consequences for Canada’s auto sector, study says
The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal will have negative consequences for the auto sector in Canada, an analysis of the automotive measures in the agreement says.
Korea-Colombia FTA to be effective July
Colombia informed South Korea earlier in the day that it has completed the ratification process of the deal clinched in 2013, adding that the deal will go into effect on July 15.
Results of last EU-Japan negotiating round
The Commission released its report on the latest EU-Japan negotiations, which happened between April 11-20 in Tokyo.
India seeks zero duty on textiles in FTA with Australia
India wants zero duty on textiles, automobile parts and fresh fruit. On its part, Australia is seeking tariff reduction in dairy products, fresh fruit, pharmaceuticals and wines.
Mercosur delays free-trade offer to EU
The reason for the delay of the exchange of offers lies on the EU request for the Mercosur bloc to increase the total trade volume to be included in the final agreement.
Final TPP auto RoO package differs from expected outcome in two ways
Critics of the flexibility mechanism argue that it further opens the door for more content from non-TPP countries to be included in originating vehicles and auto parts.