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FEMA amendments likely to lift FDI ban on Bangla firms
Bangladeshi companies may soon be allowed to invest in India. The Indian government is proposing to do away with the ban on foreign direct investment from Bangladesh. It is considering an amendment to the Foreign Exchange and Management Act.
Deal signed to export 8 million pieces of apparels to India
Bangladesh signed a deal with India to export 8 million pieces of readymade garments to the neighboring country with zero tariffs under the South Asia Free Trade Agreement.
Bangladesh: Govt to study impact of free trade deals with neighbours
The caretaker government of Bangladesh has initiated a study on the impact of striking free trade agreements (FTAs) with India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
Indian state minister for commerce due today
Indian State Minister for Commerce Jairam Ramesh will arrive in Dhaka today on a two-day official visit to hold talks on bilateral trade.
India-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry to be launched
This Chamber is being launched by the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry and the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry to provide a high-level forum for accelerating economic partnerships between the two countries.
Overcome political issues to boost regional economy
Indian Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon yesterday urged India’s smaller neighbours to overcome political issues to become stakeholders in the India-led regional economic growth by dismantling trade and road and water transport barriers.
Pak, Bangla fears about open trade with India misplaced: Sinha
Describing Bangladesh and Pakistan’s fears about having open trade with India as "completely misplaced", former External Affairs Minister Yashwant Sinha on Sunday asked them to understand the logic of mutual economic benefits which should triumph over politics.
Trade facilitation under the SAFTA
Business houses in South Asian region are seeking specific timeframe to remove bottlenecks that hinder trade and investment in the SAARC region. It is sad to note that whatever developments take place in the business and political forums; those are not implemented at the operation level.
Minority opinion
It remains unclear to me what the advantages of being part of the Saarc grouping are over entering into bilateral relations with each individual Saarc country instead. I have always like the concept of Bimstec instead.
Delhi’s duty-free offer
Bangladesh’s business leaders are rather dismayed at India’s recent duty-free market access offer, as they have expressed the view that mere duty-free access could not ensure free flow of goods into Indian market unless non-tariff and para-tariff barriers are removed.
Inclusion of political framework to lend ’tremendous’ clout to SAARC: Iftekhar
Business leaders Sunday expressed their dismay that the SAARC had failed to deliver "much" in the fields of economy and politics in the South Asian region, although it could attract the attention of the international community.
SAARC’s political will facing test
The SAARC countries are now striving to set a uniform product standard for the group after years of complaints by the weaker ones among them about non-acceptance of their national certifications of product quality by their stronger counterparts. It has persistently posed as a difficult non-trade barrier that has obstructed bilateral trade.
Bangladesh likely to sign TIFA with US: Report
Bangladesh is likely sign the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) with the United States, agreeing to Washington’s insistence of including "corruption" issue in the text.
US asks Bangladesh to resume TIFA negotiations
The United States has asked Bangladesh to re-examine the possibility of restarting negotiations on the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) between the two countries.
Bangladesh to gain little from FTA with India: WB report
A "captive protected" market to Indian suppliers, trade losses for Bangladesh and the issue of farm subsidies cosseted to Indian rice, wheat and sugar producers are among the potential risks.
Study suggests Bangladesh to ink FTAs with India, Pakistan
A new study says Bangladesh should sign Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with India and Pakistan, but fails to identify what the FTAs would have in addition to South Asia Free Trade Area (SAFTA).
Stalled trade negotiations under BIMSTEC
The next meeting of the Trade Negotiation Committee (TNC) of BIMSTEC is hanging in the balance due to inability of the member countries to fix a date for reviewing the progress of the previous meetings.
Uncertainty looms over Bangla-Pak FTA talks
Although Bangladesh and Pakistan have agreed to sign a free trade area deal by September this year, the two countries are yet to start negotiations.
Indian businesses seek FTA with Bangladesh
A business delegation of India yesterday underscored the need for inking a free trade agreement (FTA) between Bangladesh and India to boost trade between the two countries.
Bangladesh, Pakistan to discuss FTA issues
The first meeting of the Bangladesh-Pakistan Joint Business Council expected to kick-off in Dhaka next week would give priority to issues relating to signing of a free trade agreement (FTA) between the two countries, sources said.