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East African Community

House okays EU trade pact ahead of deadline
Parliament unanimously endorsed Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), sending yet another strong signal of Kenya’s resolve to conclude the decade-old negotiations with Europe.
East Africa: Zitto - Tanzania to lose Sh1.7 trillion through EPA
Tanzania will lose $865 million in revenue during the 25 years of implementing the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) should the East African Community sign the pact with the European Union: Zitto Kabwe.
Cotu criticises Kenya’s persistence on EU trade deal
Kenya’s umbrella body of trade unions has criticised the Government for its persistent stand on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union.
EAC infighting highlights divisions, threatens EU trade deal
Divisions in the EAC over the EU EPA highlights problems in the bloc and competing developmental strategies; if the EAC cannot act as one, can it survive?
Divided EAC pushes EU agreement to January
Kenya will have to lobby for its own duty-free market access to Europe to shield its exports to the European Union from taxes.
Kenya, Rwanda sign free trade pact with Europe
Kenya teamed up with Rwanda to sign a free trade pact with European Union in Brussels today in a move calculated to cajole other East African Community states to beat the September 30 deadline.
Why EAC’s EPA wit the EU just doesn’t add up
The EPA issue has once again re-emerged when Tanzania informed EAC Members and the EU that it would not be able to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between EU and the six EAC Member States.
SEATINI statement on inherent dangers of signing the EAC-EU EPA
Preserving and consolidating the East African Community market should be of priority to all the EAC partner states — not prematurely signing the EU’s free trade agreement.
Collapse of EU trade deal: Kenya finds itself isolated for a third time in four months
Kenya finds itself isolated after its peers in East Africa develop cold feet on a trade deal with the European Union.
​Burundi faces new European Union campaign to intensify economic sanctions
European lawmakers want Burundi excluded from becoming beneficiary of free trade agreement between the EU and the East African Community
Economic Partnership Agreement has never made much sense for Tanzania
The maths just never added up. The costs for the country and the EAC region would have been higher than the benefits.
Signing of the EAC-EU EPA: Tanzania refusal letter
By the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Eastern African Cooperation, United Republic of Tanzania
EAC-EU EPA signing postponed as deliberations continue
Various officials from the EAC and its member countries have cited the UK vote to leave the EU and other current uncertainties within global markets as cause to delay signing the document and continue deliberations.
East Africa: European MPs back deadline extension of EPA trade deal with EAC
Members of the European Parliament are rooting for the extension the October deadline to sign the comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between East African Community (EAC) and the EU.
East Africa: Why cautionary approach to EPA’s deal is important
Signing this pact at the moment would expose young EAC countries to harsh economic conditions in post-Brexit Europe
Zambia ratifies the tripartite free trade area agreement
African policy makers have for a long time taken keen interest in the promotion of intra-regional trade in order to bring about development in the continent.
EAC-EU trade deal signing called off
In a sudden twist, comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the East African Community (EAC) and the European Union (EU) will not be signed as earlier planned.
East Africa: Uganda hints at adopting Dar’s standpoint on EPA
Uganda is prepared to delay the signing of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) after Tanzania, one of the East Africa Community (EAC) partner states, raised the red flag.
East Africa: Tanzania’s u-turn sparks calls for rethink of EU trade deal
It is imperative for East African Community (EAC) to listen carefully to the issues Tanzania is related to the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) the bloc concluded with the European Union.
Tanzania backs out of EAC deal with EU over Brexit
Tanzania has said it will not sign an economic partnership agreement between East Africa Community and European Union following Brexit, causing anguish and shock at the EAC headquarters in Arusha.