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’Beef and pork for cheese deal’ sours as strict EU health rules hinder Canadian exports under CETA
But as exports to the EU lag, shipments of pork and beef to Japan have spiked under the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership.
US-Japan trade talks hit pothole on auto duties
Trump’s threat to raise tariffs 25% looms over the negotiations.
Taiwan missed a chance to sign FTA due to Fukushima food ban: Japan academic
Taiwan government missed an opportunity to sign a FTA with Japan because failed to resolve the issue of the ban on food imports from Japanese regions hit by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.
Trump mulls 6-month window for EU, Japan to curb auto sales
US position would add pressure on Japan during trade talks
Canadian pork exports to Japan catching up to the United States under CPTPP
Economists had warned that the preferential tariff treatment the bloc enjoyed would threaten the market share of American producers
Japan-US trade deal: three factors complicate an FTA
As President Trump prepares his push for a bilateral trade agreement with Japan, the path forward is complicated by at least three factors.
Japan’s Aso opposes linking currency with trade in US talks
Japan’s Finance Minister Taro Aso pushed back against US efforts to link the yen with bilateral talks aimed at striking a trade deal.
US opts for quick agreement with Japan on agriculture
Latest trade figures show that the trade imbalance persists, #US had a $6.67 billion goods trade deficit with Japan. So the tariff reductions under a bilateral trade pact will be kept to levels set by the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
United States releases annual assessment of foreign trade barriers
Alleged barriers from Brazil, Canada, China, European Union, Japan, Mexico and Korea.
Japan and US kick off first day of trade talks with focus on cutting tariffs on goods
Japan and the United States agreed to focus mainly on tariffs on goods such as agricultural and industrial products.
US, Japan kick off trade talks amid China deal optimism
US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Japan’s Economy Minister Toshimitsu Motegi are set to embark on two days of talks in Washington.
China expects smooth negotiations on Free Trade Zone with Japan, ROK
China expressed the hope for smooth progress of negotiations on Free Trade Zone with Japan and Republic of Korea (ROK).
US wants more from Japan than under TPP
US wants bigger compromise from Japan on tariffs for American farm goods than the two countries had agreed on for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
The right course for a better US-Japan alliance
Tokyo has argued for a more limited "trade agreement on goods," while the Trump administration says it ultimately wants a comprehensive free trade agreement.
Japan, China, S.Korea FTA talks under way
High on the agenda are rules for protecting intellectual-property rights.
Japan, US eye 1st trade talks on April 15-16: sources
Japan and the United States plan to launch bilateral trade talks on April 15 and 16 in Washington.
Abe eyes US trip in late April for talks with Trump on trade: sources
While the United States desires a free trade agreement that would cover a range of areas such as goods, services, investment and currency, Japan is insisting the two governments aim for a trade deal on goods only.
US to push for FTA with Japan, eyes farm market opening
US President said will push for a free trade agreement with Japan as he signaled willingness to seek a further opening of the country’s agriculture market.
Ill-timed beef duty looms over Japan’s talks with Trump
Japanese imports of beef are nearing the point of triggering an automatic tariff increase, which would affect only the US, a nonmember of the TPP-11.
Premier Li urges China-Japan-South Korea FTA talks
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged Japan and South Korea to speed up free-trade agreement (FTA) talks as the three parties mark the 20th anniversary of the launch of the China-Japan-South Korea cooperation mechanism this year.