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From Tokyo with love for global trade
The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, or CPTPP, is going ahead in the absence of the US is a testament to Japan’s role in shepherding the tough negotiations through some tumultuous times.
Japan, US to discuss trade "framework", US envoy says: NHK
Japan and the United States will start to discuss a framework of negotiations with the aim of concluding a trade pact and fixing bilateral trade imbalances
More to Australia–Japan security than bilateral defence ties
The broad and deep Australia–Japan relationship has never been more important to both countries’ interests in the world, and the relationship between the two leaders aims to preserve the rules-based order on which both countries rely.
Philippines eyes more free trade pacts
Philippines’s Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is conducting internal studies and consultations on a possible free trade agreement with US. Philippines also hopes a substantial conclusion of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and a renegotiation with Japan.
TPP seen critical for beef sales growth in Japan
The beef export from Canada to Japan and other parts of Asia has increased significantly. But, if Canada chooses to opt out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Canadian beef producers could lose millions of dollars.
Japan, Bulgaria agree to boost cooperation on Japan-EU free trade deal
Japan aims to set up a business forum to facilitate Japanese companies’ making inroads into Bulgaria so that those companies can discuss challenges they face with the Bulgarian government.
Proxy wars of the Asian economic power houses
Both and Japan are pursuing their own initiatives to call shots in Asia, which may have ramifications for businesses and economies in the Mena region.
TPP sows fear in Japan’s agriculture industry
As the resurrected TPP moves forward, Japanese consumer groups and farmers fear the effects.Many argue that seeds are likely to become more expensive by the proposed abolishment of the Seed Law.
Japan wheat market to tighten
US wheat growers are likely to lose some market share in Japan in the coming years because of a free trade agreement between Japan and the European Union, and the newly constituted Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership, a new USDA report warns.
Japan pushes for March signing of TPP 11
Tokyo’s point man travelling to Vietnam, Mexico to seek consensus on outstanding issues.
Japan’s farm output to take ¥150 billion hit after new Pacific trade deal’s effects kick in: estimates
Japan’s agricultural, forestry and fisheries output will suffer by up to ¥150 billion ($1.3 billion) once the effects of an 11-member Pacific Rim free trade agreement kick in
Pakistan working towards FTA with Pacific South East nations
Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines in the Pacific region are among the countries in the list to start a dialogue on Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) which will pave the way towards FTA for promoting trade liberalization.
Taiwan asks Japan for support in seeking membership of CPTPP
Taiwan asked Japan for support in its efforts to join a new regional trade arrangement called the "Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership" (CPTPP) to contribute to regional prosperity.
EU-Japan trade agreement not compatible with EU data protection
The implicit cross-border data flow commitments do not have a sufficient safeguard. This is not compatible with the EU Fundamental rights system.
Japan, EU finalize trade deal, aim at implementation in early 2019
Japan and the European Union finalized negotiations on a free trade deal, with the two sides aiming to implement it in early 2019.
T.N. seeks to stay Nissan arbitration
The Tamil Nadu government moved the Madras High Court for an interim stay on carmaker Nissan Motor from proceeding with international arbitration over the alleged non-payment of incentives being claimed by it from the State.
Japan and EU to agree on EPA tariffs, put off investment deal
Japan and the European Union intend to bring an economic partnership agreement into effect in 2019 as planned by finalizing tariff-related measures first and setting aside those on investment.