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Leaked Pacific trade pact draft shows investment carve-outs sought
Australia’s medicine subsidies, Canadian films and culture, and capital controls in Chile would be carved out from investment protection rules being negotiated in a Pacific trade pact, according to a draft text released by Wikileaks on Wednesday.
EU and Vietnam hold twelfth round of FTA talks
The talks focused on the outstanding areas of the proposed FTA such as goods (tariffs, rules of origin, non tariff barriers, export duties), services & investment, government procurement, state owned enterprises, IPR and geographical indications, and regulatory issues.
NAFTA increased mass migration to the United States
After Mexico, the United States and Canada signed the FTA, in the agricultural sector alone five million workers lost their jobs in Mexico and they were forced to migrate.
US, India plan joint investment treaty for easing business
"With India now having concluded its own model bilateral investment treaty (BIT) framework, we are poised to be able to engage with the Indians and commence in negotiations on a bilateral investment treaty," the US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia said.
TPP - draft investment chapter (2015)
As released by WikiLeaks on 20 Jan 2015
Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - Investment Chapter
WikiLeaks annonces its release of the "Investment Chapter" from the secret negotiations of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) agreement.
Cairn Energy seeks compensation from India on tax demand; Cairn India stock gains
Cairn Plc is seeking compensation from the government of India for the steep fall in the value of its shares in Vedanta-controlled Cairn India, which it is not allowed to sell until it settles a controversial retrospective tax demand of $1.60 billion, under the UK-India Bilateral Investment Treaty.
NAFTA ruling in Nova Scotia quarry case sparks fears for future settlements
A NAFTA arbitration panel has ruled against Canada in a claim by a US company that wanted to develop a quarry in Nova Scotia, although a dissenting member of the panel warned that the decision will be seen as a “remarkable step backwards” in environmental protection.
The flaws in the geopolitical case for the TPP
There is an intuitive appeal to the geopolitical use of trade agreements. But quickly scanning the two main bilateral trade deals the US has signed over the past decade in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia and South Korea, it is hard to see much strategic impact.
Japan-New Zealand TPP talks making slow progress: Amari
The two countries are at odds over market access for dairy products. While New Zealand seeks to increase its exports of cheese, butter and milk among other goods, Japan says such products are off-limits.
FTA commitments to be strengthened between the US and Peru
Peru hopes to upgrade access to the US market for farm products.
Pakistan aims for FTA with Indonesia to further boost trade
Pakistan is aiming to start negotiations on a free trade agreement (FTA) with Indonesia sometime this year, to expand on the current preferential trade agreement (PTA), which began in 2013.
UK: MPs denounce government TTIP plans amid fears for NHS and public services
A future government must be allowed to expand the NHS without facing legal challenge under a proposed new EU-US trade deal, according to a sharply critical report from an all-party committee of MPs.
"Investor-State Dispute Settlement promotes American values"
Former US judge, arbitrator and president of the International Court of Justice says the ISDS system, currently under attack, reflects US law and enforces US leadership and therefore should be preserved.
Could CETA mean genetically modified apples from Canada exported to Europe?
There is a process within CETA that would promote regulatory harmonisation and address non-tariff barriers that could allow the export of genetically modified apples into Europe, reports the Council of Canadians.
India draft model BIT (2015)
Open for comment until 10 April 2015.
Draft Indian model Bilateral Investment Treaty text
The Government of India has released and opened the new Draft Indian Model Bilateral Investment Treaty Text for comment.
Australian parliament to investigate China-Australia free trade agreement
The Senate inquiry will look into the agreement’s impact on Australia’s economy and trade, domestic labor market, investment and cultural policies and verify it’s in Australia’s national interest.
Debunking USTR Public Affairs’ Memo on Investor-State Dispute Resolution
Questions and answers on investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) that pertain to incorrect claims being made by the Office of the US Trade Representative.
India ready to talk with EU on FTA: Nirmala
Negotiations for the proposed free trade agreement with the European Union may resume as India today said that it is "ready to talk" with the EU on the pact.