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Germans hold demo against US-EU free trade deal
Under the motto: "Civil society against the corporate-deal," members of more than 60 non governmental organizations demonstrate in Berlin against the free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States.
Germany dubious on investor rules in US trade pact
Germany’s vice chancellor is underlining doubts about the need for new investment rules in a proposed European Union-U.S. trade deal — a thorny issue in the talks.
Pirate party: Zombie walk against TTIP in Berlin
German Pirate Party invited everyone for a Zombie Walk to protest against the draft contract of the secretively crafted transatlantic trade agreement (TTIP) in Berlin on Easter Saturday.
Need to expedite Indo-EU FTA after new govt comes: German Ambassador
The new Indian government should expedite negotiations on the Indo-European Union free trade agreement, says German Ambassador to India Michael Steiner.
Investor treaties in trouble
Several countries are reviewing these agreements, prompted by the number of cases brought by foreign companies who claim that changes in government policies affect their future profits.
Transatlantic trade talks hit German snag
Germany has introduced a stumbling block to landmark EU-US trade negotiations by insisting that any pact must exclude a contentious dispute settlement provision (ISDS).
Govt looks to sign FTAs with rich nations
The government plans to sign free trade agreements (FTAs) with developed countries to boost exports following similar moves by India, Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed said yesterday.
EU-US FTA: "Free trade agreement must immediately stop"
IG Metall leader Detlef Wetzel fears disadvantages for workers and consumers if the EU and the US create a free trade zone. "The negotiations must be stopped," he states categorically.
German unrest mounts over EU-US FTA
There is mounting opposition among members of Germany’s black-red Grand Coalition Government to the planned Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and the US.
Prevent free trade agreements TTIP/TAFTA - please sign!
Please sign on to this German petition against TTIP/TAFTA before 24 Feb 2013
German farmers fear for Europe’s bacon with US trade deal
When German farmers and activists descended upon Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office building Wednesday morning, they brought along some special guests — 17 pigs. The stunt was the latest European backlash against a proposed free trade deal with the U.S. that could lift restrictions on American meat sold in Europe.
Half million Germans refuse to sign FTA with USA
In just five days, 500,000 Germans signed a petition addressed to the European Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht and to President of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz to halt the negotiations that began in Washington.
Berlin seeks privacy rules in EU-US trade pact
Germany is to push for tough data protection controls to be included in a proposed EU-US free trade pact in the latest sign of the growing impact of the outrage triggered by Washington’s mass surveillance and concerns about industrial espionage.
SA annuls bilateral investment treaty with Germany
South Africa last week cancelled its bilateral investment treaty with Germany, one of its most important trading partners, amid protests by German businesses.
Move to ease German, EU doubts over investor risk in SA
SOUTH Africa is scrambling to convince Germany and its other European trade partners that its unilateral scrapping of bilateral investment treaties is not a risk to their investments in South Africa.
Germany voices support for FTA between India and EU
Germany has voiced its support for an early conclusion of the long drawn out negotiations between India and the European Union on a free trade agreement, saying the move will be in the interest of both countries.
Germany, EU keen to clinch Thai FTA within two years: ambassador
Germany and the entire European Union are ready to provide maximum cooperation for conclusion of the Thai-EU free-trade agreement in two years’ time, for a win-win scenario for both parties, German Ambassador to Thailand Rolf Schulze said.
Merkel, Yudhoyono call for free trade agreement
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for a free-trade agreement between the European Union and Indonesia. This, she said, could be a first step towards a wider trade agreement.
Germany calls for sweeping EU-US free trade deal
German Economy Minister Philipp Roesler told Der Spiegel magazine on Sunday he and the German government want a sweeping free trade deal, while France and southern EU nations, by contrast, want to protect their agriculture industry with regulations and also keep out genetically modified US foodstuffs, the magazine said.
VDA urges heads of state to fast-track EU-US FTA
Germany’s automotive industry association (VDA) is calling for any revamped European Union-US Free Trade Agreement to concentrate on establishing common standards in a bid to slash billions of dollars from development costs.