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North America Free Trade Agreement | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

US hikes tensions in NAFTA talks with call for ’sunset clause’
Washington has dramatically increased tensions in talks to renew the North American Free Trade Agreement by proposing that the lifespan of any new deal be limited to five years.
US to seek strict rules of origin in NAFTA talks, sources say
The US wants 85 percent of content to come from the United States, Mexico and Canada. The request may include a demand for a 50 percent American content requirement.
Trump raises possibility of Canada-US deal in meeting with Trudeau
Trump has said he likes ’bilateral deals,’ but Trudeau still focused on agreement including Mexico.
Britain could join NAFTA if Brexit trade deal fails: Telegraph newspaper
Britain could join a formal trade alliance with the United States, Canada and Mexico if the European Union refuses to clinch a post-Brexit trade deal.
What to do with "fair and equitable treatment" provisions?
US ISDS proposal in NAFTA would cut fair and equitable treatment and indirect expropriation.
The environment in Canadian trade agreements
Since NAFTA, Canada and the US have included the largest number, worldwide, of environmental clauses in their trade agreements.
Six inconvenient truths about NAFTA renegotiations
This article is part of a series about what the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement means for the knowledge economy in Canada and for the people who turn ideas into innovations within one of the world’s largest free trade zones.
It’s a big week for NAFTA
After round 4 of the NAFTA renegotiation, we may have a better sense of the chances of a successful renegotiation.
US wants to update Latin America pacts next after NAFTA
Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer pointed to the need to modernise agreements with Peru, Colombia, Panama and Chile, as well as the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).
Japanese eager for Trans-Pacific Partnership with all eyes, including theirs, on NAFTA
“All the countries, including Japanese, are very closely following the negotiation,” outgoing Japanese ambassador Kenjiro Monji said. “Because if we have to deal with United States, we can learn from this experience. A lot.”
Canada urged to do more to protect data from US during NAFTA talks
At issue is so-called “data localization,” which would allow the government to protect the sensitive personal information of Canadians from unwanted American intrusion, by storing it in Canada.
Mexico offers to match oil groups’ Nafta wish
Mexico is considering writing into law investor-state dispute settlement provisions contained in the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) to reassure US and Canadian investors in its energy sector.
Contentious issues lie ahead as Ottawa NAFTA talks end
Top trade ministers from Mexico, Canada and the U.S. met Wednesday as stakeholders warn it will take a “Hail Mary” pass to finish negotiations by year’s end.
Canada pushes inclusion of strong, progressive labour standards in NAFTA
Canada is pushing for the inclusion of enforceable, progressive labour standards in a rewritten North American Free Trade Agreement.
Canada pushes back against US copyright demands in NAFTA
The United States is using the TPP as a template for the draft IP chapter that it is presenting to its negotiating partners in this round. Canada, however, isn’t down with that.
Renégociation de l’Aléna: le lait canadien sous pression américaine
Le Canada subit les pressions des Etats-Unis pour accepter plus de produits laitiers sur son marché protégé dans le cadre de l’actuelle renégociation de l’Accord de libre-échange nord-américain (Aléna) entre ces deux pays et le Mexique.
US to partially unveil key NAFTA proposal, talks seen dragging
US trade negotiators will only partially unveil new text on modifying a key chapter on investment under NAFTA, two well-placed sources said, underlying the cautious pace of talks that are supposed to wrap up by the end of the year.
Music groups push USTR on NAFTA copyright agenda
A coalition of more than 20 music groups are urging U.S. trade negotiators to look beyond U.S. law to forge stronger copyright protections in a new NAFTA.
Amazon plans mega-warehouse for Mexico growth spurt
The new warehouse will be constructed about 7 miles from the existing facilities. All are located along the so-called “NAFTA” highway, an industrial belt that runs through Mexico’s factory regions to the U.S. border.
Ingersol plant a crown jewel for GM, but deal with Unifor challenging amid NAFTA talks
“This is one of the most productive plants in the world, and it’s losing out because they pay their workers $2 an hour in Mexico. It’s ridiculous,” Unifor president Jerry Dias said.