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Pacific countries to sign trade deal next month
Pacific Island countries are expected to sign the proposed regional trade deal called PACER Plus next month.
Fiji to withdraw from PACER-Plus negotiations
Fiji has reportedly withdrawn from negotiations for the proposed PACER-Plus regional free trade agreement.
PACER Plus not final – PNG says no, Fiji lukewarm, Vanuatu undecided
The negotiations are said to offer an opportunity to help Pacific Islands Forum countries benefit from enhanced regional trade and economic integration.
Negotiations conclude on free trade agreement for Pacific
Trade ministers from Pacific Island Forum countries including Australia and New Zealand gathered to try to sign off on the negotiations which have been going on for more than 8 years.
Trade ministers petitioned to hold off on PACER-Plus
Signed by 55 Pacific civil society organisations and over 200 individuals, the petition calls for no conclusion to be made on PACER-Plus until all the texts have been released and there has been an independent social impact assessment of the proposed deal.
Oxfam calls for ‘no decision’ on Pacific free-trade agreement
Civil society groups, trade unions, church groups, environmentalists, gender activists and many more are calling for Ministers to make no decision on PACER-Plus — a free trade agreement between Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands — until there has been a proper social impact assessment and mandate from the Pacific people who are most likely to be affected.
Pacific and NZ unions left out of Pacific Labour meeting
A meeting on Pacific labour mobility under the PACER Plus trade deal has a glaring omission – the voices of organised labour.
PACER Plus to go ahead with or without PNG
Papua New Guinea has made it clear it will not be taking part in the final negotiations for the Australia and New Zealand led "Trade and Development Agreement" saying it would instead be seeking to establish bilateral trade agreements of its own.
Defending Pacific Ways of Life: A Social Impact Assessment of PACER-Plus
Defending Pacific ways of life: A Peoples Social Impact Assessment of PACER-Plus, was commissioned by the Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG) to provide Pacific governments, negotiators, parliamentarians, civil society actors, customary landowners and the private sector with an alternative assessment to the impacts that PACER-Plus will have on the region.
PACER-plus draft chapters (2013-2016)
17 leaked chapters dated from 2013 to 2016
Report condemns PACER Plus process
A new report says Pacific Island countries should walk away from the proposed PACER Plus free trade agreement, suggesting it puts Australia and New Zealand’s interests ahead of the Pacific.
Social impacts should derail trade talks: experts
Pacific island governments should retain their legal right to regulate to protect their national development interests, which include the ownership and control of land, natural resources and environment, as well as the social and economic rights of their people ahead of the empty development promises from Australia and New Zealand and walk away from the regional trade talks known as PACER-Plus, a new report released today recommends.
Focus on MSG trade agreement before PACER-plus: Sol Islands PM
The Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) will have to work on the new and stronger MSG trade agreement (MTA) before the finalisation of the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER) Plus.
PACER Plus trade deal suffers a blow after PNG objections
PNG’s concerns about the current text on PACER-Plus makes common sense. Adam Wolfenden is from the Pacific Network on Globalisation, a group which has been critical of the deal explains.
PNG attacks Australia at Pacific free trade talks
The signing of a Pacific free trade deal in June has been thrown into doubt with the largest island nation Papua New Guinea saying it favours Australia and will damage local industries.
Realities of PACER Plus
Since 1981 when Pacific states had a preferential trade agreement with Australia and NZ and the successor PACER in 2002, the old ways of doing business has changed.
PACER Plus flexibility on regulating ’misleading’
The Pacific Network on Globalisation, or PANG, says it begs to differ with comments by the Chief Trade Advisor for the Pacific Island countries that PACER Plus agreement will allow members countries to regulate.
PNG Trade Minister opposes PACER Plus
Papua New Guinea’s government says it will not support the PACER Plus regional agreement on closer economic relations.
The free trade theory versus the ...
PACER-Plus is shaping up as an agreement that won’t fit into the Pacific reality, will have weak protections for Pacific businesses and undermines the ability of governments to enact policies to support and nurture vital Pacific industries.
Fiji considers pulling out from Pacer Plus agreement
Fiji may consider pulling out from the Pacific Agreement for Closer Economic Relations or PACER plus.