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Six years after the ‘Aymarazo’ protests in Peru
Criminal charges pending against 18 community leaders and a billion-dollar court case at ICSID.
Australian miners hail Peru trade talks
The Minerals Council of Australia has said that the country’s mining sector will benefit from the proposed new free trade agreement with Peru.
Australia to pursue free trade agreement with Peru
The Australian government confirmed it will be pursuing a free trade agreement with Peru, with the nation’s Trade Minister Steve Ciobo to visit Lima for the first round of negotiations in July.
Peru, Indonesia to start meetings towards trade agreement
Peru and Indonesia will soon begin a series of bilateral meetings to reach a free trade agreement.
Labor union calls out Peru over land bond dispute
The Teamsters labor union has escalated an investor dispute against Peru, arguing that its members’ pensions could be thrown into jeopardy as a result of the government’s alleged failure to pay investors $5 billion worth of debt tied up in land bonds.
Peru "prefers" FTA with Asia through Pacific Alliance
Peru will try to expand its free trade agreements with countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), but "preferably" through the Pacific Alliance
Peru, India begin meetings towards trade agreement
Peruvian and Indian governments held the first technical meetings aimed to reach a trade agreement.
Peru free trade agreement could help India diversify in LatAm region
A proposed comprehensive free trade agreement between India and Peru covering goods, services and investments may not only raise India’s export volumes to the western South American nation
Peru to work with China, others on TPP alternative: president
Peru will work with China and other Asian and Pacific Rim countries to incorporate elements of the Trans-Pacific Partnership into a new agreement.
India to start negotiations for FTA with Peru
Approval for the talks was given by the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Peru will define the roadmap for the FTA with India this quarter
"Peru and India should have a first technical meeting in the first three months of 2017 to establish the roadmap of this process so that they can properly start negotiations," the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade said
Australia interested in FTA with Peru
The Australian government said it considers the possibility of negotiating an FTA with Peru, as the Asia-Pacific faces the potential collapse of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
Peru’s trade agreement with Honduras takes effect in 2017
The negotiations broke off in June 2011 and the two countries signer the agreement in Lima in May 2015.
Indonesia to finalize five trade deals next year in hunt for wider markets
As Indonesia accelerates talks with 15 Asia-Pacific nations, it is prioritizing the conclusion of five trade deals to open access to foreign markets and lure inflows of investment.
Japan, Peru to forge ahead with TPP procedures
The leaders of Japan and Peru have agreed to press ahead with efforts to implement the Trans-Pacific Partnership, despite a pledge by President-elect Donald Trump to pull the US out of the free trade deal.
China, Peru to look at updating FTA
China and Peru on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding in Lima to conduct a feasibility study on upgrading the China-Peru Free Trade Agreement.
Amid dying TPP, APEC summit to focus on China’s trade deal
In a blow to the suspended U.S.-backed TPP, several countries in the Pacific Rim are now looking to join China’s free trade agreements.
Peruvians urge Himes to oppose TPP
"Our experience in Peru demonstrates how the TPP model prioritizes trade and investment above the protection of the environment, ecosystems, and life itself."
Peru’s Broad Front moves to block TPP ratification
In protests billed as “anti-colonial” demonstrations, Peruvians hit the streets on 12 October against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trade in Services Agreement
Peru works on FTA negotiation proposal with UK following Brexit
Peru has already started to work on a proposal for post-Brexit FTA negotiations with the United Kingdom based on the EU-Peru trade deal