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Chileans protest bid to revive embattled TPP after Trump’s exit
Activists have a message for trade ministers meeting in Chile: the TPP is dead.
Open letter to trade ministers meeting in Chile, 14-15 March 2017
We believe it is not acceptable for TPP rules to be used as a model for future trade negotiations.
Paths open to new Pacific trade pact, post-TPP: Chile trade head
Countries that signed up for the failed trade pact known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will meet in Chile, seeking a way forward on a possible future regional deal
Canada and China are joining a mid-March summit hosted by Chile on how to advance trade in Asia-Pacific
Canada and China are joining a mid-March summit hosted by Chile on how to advance trade in Asia-Pacific
Chile eyes new deals with Pacific trade pact members: minister
Chile has invited ministers from other TPP members as well as China and South Korea to a summit in March to discuss how to proceed
Indonesia to finalize five trade deals next year in hunt for wider markets
As Indonesia accelerates talks with 15 Asia-Pacific nations, it is prioritizing the conclusion of five trade deals to open access to foreign markets and lure inflows of investment.
China, Chile agree to initiate talks on FTA upgrade
China and Chile agreed here Tuesday to start negotiation on upgrading their Free Trade Agreement
S. Korea-Chile FTA to be improved
The main pillar of the Chilean economy is mining and Chile mainly imports industrial products, machinery and intermediate goods from South Korea.
Hong Kong, Chile sign bilateral investment agreement
Hong Kong and Chile confirmed that they have signed a bilateral investment agreement at the APEC summit.
40 years ago, this Chilean exile warned us about the shock doctrine. Then he was assassinated.
There are connections between the imposition of brutal austerity and corporate-friendly trade deals and the frightening rise of far-right parties.
Deeper analysis on potential Pacific trade pact: Chile
Six percent appears to be the base rate on tariffs for products exported to Chile.
India, Chile expand bilateral preferential trade pact
India and Chile agreed to expand their bilateral preferential trade agreement (PTA) with both sides offering to lower or eliminate tariffs on a number of items traded with each other.
Chile plans to send TPP Pacific trade deal to Congress this year
Despite protests and opposition from social movements, the Chilean government is expecting to send the Trans-Pacific Partnership to its Congress for approval by the end of 2016, President Michelle Bachelet said on Thursday.
DTI pursues free trade talks with EU, Chile
The Philippines Department of Trade and Industry is aggressively pursuing free trade talks with key trading partners, including the European Union and Chile, as it seeks to follow through with the gains achieved by the last administration.
Pacific Alliance members invite Uruguay to sign free trade agreements
Uruguay, which will soon sign a free trade deal with Chile and upgrade its agreement with Mexico, has been invited by Colombia and Peru to turn its current agreements with them into an FTA as well
Uruguay to sign free trade agreement with Chile
President Tabare Vazquez said that Uruguay planned to sign a free trade agreement with Chile, expanding south-to-south cooperation and regional integration.
EU in Latin America trade push
The EU is in a drive to deepen trade ties with Latin America. It is eager to do business with Cuba, and on the cusp of relaunching negotiations with Mercosur.
Medicines Without Frontiers: the TPP – a barrier to access to life saving generic medicines
"The battle to prevent this trade agreement from being implemented is far from over", asserts the humanitarian organization, joining the rejection that the treaty Chile signed in New Zealand arouses.
Chilean social groups to protest Monsanto, anti-democratic TPP
Citizen opposition to the signing of the TPP will take place throughout the region, with joint mobilizations taking place in Peru and Argentina.
US targets new opportunities in Latin America
Economic growth and expanding middle class is fuelling demand for US agricultural products.