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Feasibility study on China-Cambodia​ free-trade agreement to be launched
Cambodia and China will launch the first official consultation on a bilateral free trade (FTA) agreement feasibility study in Beijing on Dec 3.
Cambodia, EAEU to negotiate FTA
Cambodian officials will next month embark on a visit to Russia to discuss a free trade agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union, a bloc of countries in central and northern Asia and Eastern Europe with a combined GDP of $5 trillion.
Kingdom seeks FTA with EAEU
Cambodia is negotiating a free trade agreement (FTA) with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), hoping the new market will maintain the Kingdom’s economic growth.
Asia-Pacific megadeal: monthly targets put in place for RCEP trade to close this year
Key partners and ASEAN commerce ministers have agreed on a set of monthly targets on the RCEP trade deal before the end of this year.
New push for Asia-Pacific megadeal as trade war eases
Ministers from Asia’s leading economies renew their pursuit of a sweeping regional trade deal as an easing of tensions between the U.S. and China gives momentum to multilateral negotiations.
Cambodia to host RCEP ministerial meeting
Cambodia will host the Seventh Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Intersessional Ministerial Meeting to discuss negotiations over issues of market access for goods, services, and investment and provide guidance to negotiators.
EU begins process to hit Cambodia with trade sanctions
The European Union started an 18-month process that could lead to the suspension of Cambodia’s duty-free trade access over its record on human rights and democracy.
Premier pushes for FTA with China
Cambodian Prime Minister urged China to consider entering a free trade agreement with the Kingdom to spur trade and investment between the two nations.
Cambodia talks fail to end trade sanction threat, EU says
EU is moving ahead to strip Cambodia of its special trade status, worth billions of euros a year, admidst criticisms of authoritarianism and rights abuses
Cambodia and EAEU fortify ties, consider FTA
Cambodian officials pleaded last week with representatives of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) to include more Cambodian products into the bloc’s joint tariff scheme during a high level diplomatic meeting in Moscow.
With Brexit in the horizon, Cambodia hopes for UK trade deal
Cambodia is seeking a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom, in a move to ensure that bilateral trade remains robust once the UK officially leaves the EU.
India-Cambodia deliberates on financial support in agriculture, pharmaceuticals
India and Cambodia clinch a deal to work towards a Bilateral Investment Treaty which provides financial help to Southeast Asian nations.
US examines food standards
The United States, one of the Cambodia’s key trading partners, is going to assess sanitary and phyto-sanitary standards in Cambodia, opening up the opportunity for Cambodian agricultural products to be exported to the US.
US reaches out to Cambodia under TIFA
The Trump administration is continuing its outreach to Asia-Pacific countries, with Assistant U.S. Trade Representative Barbara Weisel sitting down with Cambodian officials.
PM Hun Sen: Cambodia boosting negotiations for creation of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen has affirmed that Cambodia is playing an active role in boosting the negotiations on RCEP
Cambodia, EEC put free trade on agenda
Officials from Cambodia and the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) meeting in Phnom Penh yesterday issued a statement affirming commitments to increasing bilateral trade made last year, and agreed to work toward a possible free trade agreement.
Govt approves signing of India-Cambodia investment treaty
The Cabinet approved signing of the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) with Cambodia, the first agreement to be inked on the basis of the model BIT text.
US supports TPP bid
The United States threw its support behind Cambodia becoming a member of the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership
Cambodia urged to join TPP
US Ambassador to Cambodia said that given Vietnam’s participation in the TPP, “it would be a shame for Cambodia to miss out and be left behind”.
AEC not so sweet a deal: sugar exporter
The sweet promise that the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) would pave the way for a single market among the 10-member bloc of more than 600 million people at the end of last year has so far excluded sugar exports from Cambodia.